Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Kind of Win the Cardinals Needed

Tony K. and my Aunt Edna Ron Jaworski spent the better part of Monday night saying that the Cardinals needed a huge victory to send a message to the rest of the NFL that they were legitimate title contenders.

Horse (expletive).

Nobody would have cared if the Cardinals would have blown out the 49ers, as they would have chided the competition. No, the Cardinals needed one of those, "Oh boy, how and the hell did they win" kind of win. They needed one of those games that they pulled out of their bungs.

Because this was the kind of game they would have lost in the recent past. Even last season. This was setting up for a Dennis Green-like meltdown. Put they pulled out it.

And to be fair, this was a huge trap game for them. The 49ers were embarrassed in Mike Singletary's debut and -- following a bye week -- they were primed for a huge game. That's what really bugged me about the pre-game hype. Nobody talked about this. They just wrote off San Francisco because of its performance two weeks ago. How do people who are paid to watch football not see this unfolding?

Sometimes the experts are the biggest dopes.

However, this win shows that the Cardinals do have luck on their side. Especially in the dome. And when you look at the standings, there is a chance -- if the Birds can do their business -- that they could grab the No. 2 seed. The NFC South figures to knock each other down, as does the NFC North. The Birds could cost into the playoffs on a flimsy 12-4 mark and host a second-round game. The Cowboys and 49ers would attest that playing there isn't easy.


Diane said...

You say the Cards have luck on their side, but the KWM says it's because "God is awesome."

Bain said...

Put they pulled out it.

And up with it we shall not put!

Peteski said...

Watching last night was a painful reminder that I've already seen enuff of Mike Singletary's face to last a lifetime, 20 yrs ago.

Sun Devil said...

Last week, it was "The Cardinals really proved themselves for real by going into St. Louis and getting a big win on the road." But nobody remembered Saint Louis fucking sucks. Other than Donnie Avery (fantasy GOLD) they are just a horrible team.

Now the same shit with the Niners. When did everyone forget that the Niners, and the NFC West, SUCK?

The Cardinals are setting themselves up for a first round BLOWOUT by whatever wildcard out of the NFC East draws them. I'm hoping it's the Eagles, who have to run up the score to appease their insane, violent, McNabb hating, title-crazed fans.

Kaiser said...

There were football teams out there? I thought it was a "Survivor: Referee" episode.

Fletch said...

12-4? Please. They've got at least 3 losses left them (Philly, Gints, Vikes) and it wouldn't shock me if they lost to Seattle, either.

Of course, they could lose out and still take the div...

THN said...

They have the Giants at home. I think they will take them.

buckyor said...

The Cardinals could finish 13 and 3- or they could finish 6 and 10. This is the Cardinals we're talking about here.

To do the former, they'll need to prove that they can fly east and beat someone. The Pats are eminently beatable, and the Eagles seem to play just well enough to lose a heartbreaker.

At home, they'd need the Gmen to leave their best game in New Jersey, but no one else should be a problem. The Vikings? Please. Have you seen Gus Frerotte play?

If the NFC South keeps beating up on each other, the Cards won't be playing for a home wild-card game; they'll be playing for a first round bye.

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