Monday, November 24, 2008

Giants have lame pranks

That dumb look on Eli Messiah's face shows that he is a prankster's dream. He looks like the kind of d-bag that probably gets pissed really easy when he is pranked. For instance, remember that time the Chargers played a practical joke on him by selecting him with the first overall selection in the 2004 draft? Eli sure didn't take that too well.

Recently, the Giants offensive linemen got to him and boy, did they get him good. Well, they are probably tired of carrying his butt.

As Abby Manning found out the hard way back in October, the men who make up the NFL’s most dominant blocking unit are as relentless in their pursuit of laughs as they are in pushing around defenses. For all of the time they spend protecting their quarterback on game day, the Giants linemen weren't above amusing themselves by abusing his better half.

"It was family day at the facility, where guys have their wives and kids come out to visit, and we got ahold of Eli's phone and sent a couple of texts," Giants guard Rich Seubert explained. “We said, ‘Please come. It would really mean a lot to me.’ So she showed up, which was a total surprise to Eli. She had some stuff to do and didn’t really want to be there, so needless to say she wasn’t thrilled."

Oh, burn. That's hilarious. They made his wife show up at the practice facility and she was, like, really busy and stuff. Notify us when one of the linemen pranks Eli by sleeping with his wife and puts the footage on YouTube. Or even texting pictures of their junk to her. That would be a prank. This was kind of sad. Like Michael Strahan trying to be funny, sad.

And to think, I gave you jerks props yesterday.


Cai said...

Honestly, that was a really lame prank. Eli's wife was so busy with whatever chores she was doing. Very weak one.. It's like someone trying to be funny but ended up regretting whatever he did because his attempts to be funny just made some mess. Nice post by the way.

Bokolis said...

Normally, I'd frown on anything that subjects a man to his old lady getting her (See You Next Tuesday) up in the air. But, given that Eli was only able to outkick his coverage because of them, I suppose they have a little latitude.

That said, it was pointless. Eli probably won't "defend her honor" to her satisfaction (what's he going to say, don't worry honey, I'll have them playing in Medicine Hat next year) which tells me that she's in play.

Willie Roaf is sad said...

It would have been funnier had the Giants signed Joe Horn to a ten day contract, you know, just because.

Donal said...

You know what is a great prank? The way the Charges keep fooling their fans into thinking they are watching a pro football team.

And the suckers keep falling for it.

Diane said...

When she married Eli, didn't she assume showing up at family day was part of the package? Or was she worried she'd have to talk to the wives of some second stringers?

THN said...

I don't think anybody is falling for that one.

Morten Harket said...

Or even texting pictures of their junk to her.

Kind of like how someone at THN keeps texting pics of his junk to me.

Tom Brady said...

My teammates kept texting pics of their dongs to Giselle. It's gotten so bad I had to switch phones with her!

Tony Romo said...

Half the guys on John Mayer's road crew have been sending Jess shots of their junk. Strange, I didn't even know you could make calls to a digital camera.

Jeff Garcia said...

I hope none of my teammates ever sends pictures of their junk to my wife. Boy, that would sure get me good, let me tell you.

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