Friday, November 21, 2008

The Weak Ender

Ashley Judd showed up at the North Carolina and Kentucky game this week because she promised to do so if North Carolina voted for Obama. Hey, California is a blue state, too, how about showing up at a Cal State Fullerton game? Nobody said that was part of the deal.

BTW, do you think that Texas A&M fans are enjoying Billy Gillespie falling on his face right now? Even Rich Rodriguez thinks he made a mistake leaving a prominent program. Serves them right, though.

College basketball -- including Michigan's huge upset of UCLA -- seemed to overshadow the NFL game on the world's most expensive podcast, NFL Network.

Didn't the Steelers and Bengals play this exact same game already? The Bengals hang around long enough to keep it close, before the Steelers beat the (expletive) out of them? At least there was cool snow moments, though no Ashley Judd.

Let's take a look at this week's NFL slate.

  • The Chargers are done, and not even a visit from the Colts can help save the season. San Diego has defeated Indianapolis three consecutive times, and Antonio Cromartie probably believes that he can grab three more interceptions from Gomer. This is a tough game to figure because the Colts really seem to be moving in the right direction. But you have to figure that the Chargers are good for one more miracle victory before slinking away to a 5-11 or 6-10 mark.

  • The good news in San Diego is that Norv Turner will be back for one more season. When LaDainian Tomlinson retires, he will have to recognize that A.J. Smith doomed his prime years with Turner and slammed shut, the Chargers window of opportunity.
  • Does Miami have the heuvos rancheros to run the 'Wildcat' against the Patriots again? After the Dolphins burned them with the formation last time, you have to imagine that Hoodie has spent nearly every waking moment thinking of ways to stop it.
  • Did you know that Donovan McNabb actually thought a touchdown was worth five points and that the kick was worth two-points? That would have made a great Last and Ten, but one of our writers of that feature has gone MIA. McNabb says that not many other players knew about the rule. What's wrong with these guys? Oh that's right, they are idiots.
  • Scared for the Cardinals this week. This is the kind of week that will likely make or break Kurt Warner's season. Everybody is riding the Kurt Warner Machine and putting him into MVP and Hall of Fame discussion, and here comes the Giants pass rush. Seriously, there is a lot of anxiety here. But you almost have to believe that the Cardinals are going to rise to the challenge and really put this all together. Come on, this is the KWM vs. Eli Messiah. The madness must end, but that doesn't add any comfort. But remember, the Cardinals were able to move the ball against the Panthers' strong defense.
  • The Texans and Browns game could have been a punch yourself in the face tilt, but this actually looks like an entertaining game. And at what point do the Texans become one of the worst expansion teams of all time? You have to admit that fantasy football is saving the franchise from becoming a total failure.
  • Tony Romo hangs out with homeless dudes. Guess it beats hanging with Joe Simpson.
  • So when the Jets play the Titans this week, it will be the Titans vs. the Titans. Did you know that the Jets are 2-0 when they play in the Titans uniform?
  • The Super Bowl I want to see: Cardinals vs. Jets. KWM vs. Favre. Brenda Warner vs. Cowgirl. Diane just might hurt somebody if that happens.
  • Punch yourself in the face if you want to see: Buffalo vs. Kansas City. You know what, scratch that. Tyler Thigpen is kind of interesting. The Bears at St. Louis would be on this list, too. But the DiPaolo brothers will get their revenge over the contractor who wronged them. Minnesota and Jacksonville is close, but only because Gus Frerotte is managing to make Adrian Peterson uninteresting. The final verdict is Tampa Bay vs. Detroit. Really, this could be the week that the Lions get it done. You have to throw out the record when these two former NFC Central rivals get together. But don't expect me to watch it.
  • A site dedicated to hating the Raiders, and this is where the game lands on The Weak Ender. For shame, guys, for shame.
  • Shaun Alexander might sit out his return to Seattle. But at least this time he doesn't have to fake an injury.
  • The Falcons are playing host to the Panthers in what could be the game of the week. Let that sink in for a moment. The Falcons were nearly as awful as the Raiders last season. Now they are cruising in one of the toughest divisions in the NFL. Probably the toughest since the NFC East has stumbled a bit. Bet you Matt Ryan knew there are ties in the NFL.
  • College football game of the year: UNLV at San Diego State. And The Hater Nation will be there.

The MVP voting in baseball is completely confusing in that the two winners came from teams that didn't even win their respective divisions. Awards certainly shouldn't boil down to the best player on the best team, because that's just boring. But the current system is wrong on so many levels.

Dustin Pedroia is a nobody who spent his college career choking against Cal State Fullerton. And now he and his idiot teammate Keith Youkilis were first and third in MVP voting. Say, how can you be so valuable if your teammate came in third place.

This is going to be hard to say, especially because he's a Dirtbag, but Evan Longoria was so clearly the most valuable player in the American League, that any voter who didn't have him winning should be stripped of the joy of voting. Because that's just not right. Let's blame Steve Bisheff.

All it takes is one moron from Boston to float a name like Pedroia and it suddenly become chic to believe that guy is an MVP. If that was the case, Chone Figgins would have won like six of those awards by now. Please, just make it stop.

And before you ask, Manny Ramirez was the MVP of the National League. That cannot be argued. Enjoy the week end.


Bokolis said...

Hey, Ashley Judd gave us Normal Life. Anything after that is gravy.

If you can get the Giants (something approaching) blocked, you can throw on them. Given that and his weapons, the KWM could hang 40.

To me, the first filter for MVP is difference maker, being something no other team can match. You can argue that Manny's sick second half was pretty much matched by Pujols and, to a lesser extent, Howard. You can also argue that Pujols' presence and protection begat lightning-in-his-hands Ludwick and, minus that, the Cards are a bad AAA team.

Of course, by my logic, that would mean that none of them should get it. This year's difference maker was the 41 for 41 save conversion.

NL MVP = Brad Lidge

Little Richard said...

Ashley Judd is so hot she's smokin!

Diane said...

So my nightmares about having McCain/Palin in charge have passed, and now I'm faced with Warner v. Cowgirl . . .

Damn you, THN!

I do, however, applaud the choice of Judd as the Weak Ender gal.

WCT said...

Does your boy Riley get a win in Tuscon (Tucson?) to move one step closer to the Rose Bowl??

R.J. said...

That was a nice Toronto Maple Leafs jersey until UK put their initials on the shoulders. Ashley looks nice in it, though.

Anyway, is anyone watching the Crapple Cup (Washington - Washington State) tomorrow night?

And just for Diane...Let's Go Jets! :)

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