Wednesday, October 22, 2008

WSJ Takes Shot at Messiah

First, who knew that the Wall Street Journal wrote about sports? And b.), who knew that they were so dead-on about the Giants. This passage about the Giants-Steelers seems to have come straight out of the pages of THN.

An even bigger mystery is how the Giants have been able to maintain the league's second-most potent offense with a quarterback as mediocre as Eli Manning. He ranks 15th in the league in quarterback rating and 13th in the vital statistic of yards per throw. (Though it's an improvement from last season, when he ranked 25th and averaged a truly dismal 6.31 yards per throw.) That may not seem fair considering Mr. Manning's stellar postseason performance, but statistically he's only a few bad games away from reverting to the passer everyone was ready to run out of town most of last year

Wow it seems to dignified to say, "Yes, Mr. Manning sure sucks the moose (expletive)." Like you can almost hear it in a British accent. The WSJ will likely get brained in the comments section for its political leanings, but they were spot-on with this analysis of the Giants.

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Bain said...

Even worse, the WSJ has started using "Girlfriend In A Coma" in its TV ads.