Friday, October 03, 2008

The Weak Ender

The NFL season certainly has lost some of its luster. The Raiders finally fired Lane Kiffin because Al Davis didn’t want to pay him the money admit that he had made a mistake. The St. Louis FC tried to appease its 50 remaining fans by firing its coach, Scott Linehan.

Although, if Georgia was still alive, she wouldn’t be paying him because she just would have sent him wadding into the Mississippi river.

So what is there to look forward to this weekend?

  • Not getting the warm fuzzy feeling from the Chargers this week. Playing so poorly in Oakland, combined with flying cross-country to play an early game does not bode well for this team. Don’t be shocked if this team ends up losing.

  • This week’s lineup of “smack yourself in the face if you are looking forward to it matchups,” well, you are safe. There really aren’t many games that jump out at you. Nothing that you must wake up early on Sunday morning to watch. But hey, if you find yourself jonesing to see Kerry Collins, knock yourself out. No, not literally. Well, maybe a little bit.

  • Bad news for Linehan. He didn’t really have that one moment that he can turn into a Coors Light commercial. Certainly not at the level of Brian Billick or Jim Mora. Billick seemed like the kind of guy who was going to do real well as a commentator – you would have to be an idiot to not see that. But he’s really making his mark with those Coors Light commercials. He’s at a Hall of Fame level right now.

  • The Lions are really sneaking under the radar as a team that could go 0-16 this season. Do they play the St. Louis FC?

  • Aaron Rodgers is hurt. But really, Packers fans should be amazed that he’s lasted this long into the season. You want to get rid of Brett Favre, that’s cool. Moving on was probably the right thing to do. But backing up an injury-prone quarterback with a pair of rookies? You might as well have Lindsay Lohan as your designated driver.

  • The combined record for the Colts and Texans is 1-5. That just seems strange. Who gave the Texans the text book on how to build an NFL franchise? The Tampa Bay Buccaneers first played in 1976, and went 0-26. They went to the NFC Championship Game in 1979. The Jaguars and Panthers were players early in their existence. The Texans, however, don’t really want to get anybody’s hopes up.

  • Plaxico Burress will finally prove his worth to the Giants this week by not playing.

  • How did the Redskins go from looking horrible, put in Colt Brennan squad to the NFC’s top team? Thinking that they can win back-to-back road trips at Dallas and Philadelphia seems impossible, though. Seriously, who made up that schedule? Sitting Bull?

  • The Broncos had their lunch handed to them last week by the Chiefs defense. What will the Buccaneers do to them this week? BTW, Al Davis was right … the Broncos cheated for their Super Bowls. (Seriously, is THN suffering the Stockholm syndrome?)

  • The Birds were sitting on top of the NFC West with a 2-0 record. But now the Seahawks will probably win, followed by another Cardinals loss. They will loose all momentum with a loss. Look for the Kurt Warner Machine to rebound because the Bills can't fly cross-country and go 5-0, right? Although, Dick Jauron has this sixth sense on how to keep his job. Enjoy this right not Bills fans, because the playoffs are going to be a female dog for you.
  • Hello, America’s Most Wanted? Yeah, I found them all. They are on the field right now at Texas Stadium. Yep, Bengals at the Cowboys. Don’t worry, Cedric Benson is there, too.

  • Tom Brady was hurt way too early in the season, before we got to use any gay jokes for the Patriots visit to San Francisco. Way to ruin a gag.

  • How are the Steelers getting so many primetime games? At least the Browns aren’t on Monday Night Football like three times this year. Oh wait.

  • How is everybody’s Super Bowl pick, the Vikings, working out? The Saints were another trendy pick, and they are tied with the Falcons.

Haven’t been doing enough to hook up people kind enough to send us links. Here’s some stuff to read over the weekend.

Al Davis is Colonel Kurtz
. (Thanks, Jeff.)

Are you the next Raiders coach. Genius.

What the Reverend said, down below.

Utah deserves to be ranked ahead of USC. No lie. The Utes capped one of the most amazing rallies on Thursday night. Trailing by 8 with under 4 minutes left and they still end up winning in regulation. In other words, Oregon State proved everything that was said about them last week. They do enough to make on upset, but can never do anything outside of the conference.

That's right, WCT, THN is advocating that Utah jump USC in the polls. Fair is fair.

And why this particular Chargers Girl? It's Hispanic Heritage Month.


iGrover said...

No mystery why the Texans are trash. Head coach Kubiak comes from the Donks as well as offensive coordinator Shanahan Jr. who, although he does not have the shining false teeth like dear old dad (yet) he does look like Dewey from Malcolm in the Middle, which is a real same because he is not as smart as Dewey.

Look for the Donks to choke against the Bucs this weekend.

R.J. said...

Thanks for the shout out for Hispanic Heritage Month, La Nación de la Odia. :)

I'm just glad it's hockey season and we can watch David Koci and Colton Orr fight each other on The NHL Network tomorrow morning. It'll be a great undercard for the Kimbo Slice fight on CBS later that evening.

WCT said...

Shocking that you would advocate for ANYONE being ranked ahead of USC.

That being said, how the hell is Oregon still ranked?

Adam said...

Rodgers is doomed for this season. They had too much of Favre and that was their biggest mistake, they don't have anyone else to rely on now.