Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Watch the World Series ... if you love America

Watching the 2008 World Series is probably the most patriotic thing you could do, other than voting and pulling a pizza delivery guy out of the path of a speeding bus. Only terrorists are boycotting this World Series.

Terrorists, of course, meaning Red Sox and Yankees fans.

The majority of you that read these pages often lament how sick you are of the Red Sox, Yankees, East Coast bias, etc. The only way to fight the power is to tune into the World Series -- one without the douche bag twins. If the ratings fall into the dumper, it will give ESPN more reason to shove the DBT down our throats next season.

Game 1 provided enough drama and good baseball to keep you interested. There was no minute delay between pitches and guys at the plate who actually wanted to hit. There is no excuse to not watch these games.

If you love America, you will watch these games. If not, enjoy more the Northeast baseball comrades.


Feta said...

I guess it's safe to say that I did my patriotic duty tonight. Although I did get up to cook dinner while the backstreet boys were on.

Bokolis said...

Didn't Dubya come on pregame and say that, if we tune out now, the terrorists win?

Ummm...those are two East Coast teams, right? Ok, the Rays are Gulf Coast, WTFever. We only grudgingly count those twits in Philly as Northeast.

Ratings are such because NY and Boston fans treat their teams' baseball games like football (the rugby-for-fairies version) games. If we had 8 months of SoCal weather, maybe we'd care a little less.

Donal said...

Nothing voices anger with the East Coast Bias like rooting for teams from the East Coast.

as if ESPN is wrong for showing games that appeal to the regions with the highest populations.

R.J. said...

Go Leafs Go! We beat the Massholes On Ice tonight, 4-2.

My word verification on this post actually spells something: forming

Fletch said...

Here's a good spot for this kinda-rant.

Every time a potential championship matchup is coming up and there are teams from NY or LA or Chicago on one side, with teams from San Antonio or Tampa or Oakland or Seattle on the other, we hear about how XX league is really hoping that the big market team wins because America doesn't care about the Seahawks or the A's or whatever.

I say eff that. Sure, the big market teams have a larger built-in audience, and they have fans spread around the county in ways that other teams might not. However, there are plenty of smaller-market teams (a relative term) that could be placed in a championship with nobody (ok, not nobody, but stay with me) bitching all that much. The Broncos, 49ers or Colts in the SB. The Cardinals or Giants in the Series. The Suns in the NBA Finals.

Why would these teams not cause as much upheaval as the Rays or Royals or Bengals making it? Because they have a history of winning. Because they've been in these spots before. Because the country is familiar with them and they too have fans all over.

Short story long, these teams have to start somewhere. People might bitch now about the Rays in the Series, but if they made it 3 out of 5 years, no one would say shit about their small market. They'd get fans in Tampa (and elsewhere) and would draw ratings as big as just about any other team (discounting the DBT). This shit takes time, but that doesn't mean we should root against it. If we do, and we get our way, we're just starting the lame cycle all over again.

BostonSucksMyBlog said...

tly Fletch - America is a bunch of frontrunning douches.

Go Phightins!