Thursday, October 16, 2008

Romo wants to play

Tony Romo wants to play. Sure he does. Or maybe he was just excited for the World Series, only to find out that it's going to be the Phillies vs. Boston/Tampa Bay. So why bother sitting out? That would be like taking a sick day when it's raining, instead of when the Angels are playing a day game.

So with that in mind, from the home office in Temple Terrace Florida, The Last and Ten reasons why Romo wants to come back and play.


IVSPORT said...

"Both Eli and Romo are on It's like a sports stock market. ROMO and EMAN have been issued as Initial Player Offerings so they are already trading at higher prices but you can still get in on the ground floor when studs like Plaxico Burress and the new Cowboy Roy Williams are issued as IPOs."

DAWUSS said...

We need a new THN poll as well

Bain said...

Sorry, but the Last & Ten tripped on its blue and silver dick.

I suggest a Hatriot rebuttal.