Sunday, October 05, 2008

The Post Mortem: I Ain't Heard No Fat Lady

"Tell that (female dog) to sit down and shut up." -- The Reverend in regards to the Fat Lady.

The Angels live to see another day. Though, with the way Howie Kendrick's postseason was going, that didn't seem possible. The Angels went ahead, fell behind, tied, went ahead, and tied before finally winning. (I think that's right.) Now it's time to pound a bottle of The Glenlivet in order to just go to sleep tonight.

The Angels obviously have a long way to go before this series is over. But would there be a more fitting way for the end of the Blowsox dynasty to end? Sure, you might reason that having Donnie Moore's widow throw out the ceremonial first pitch as the Angels finish off a comeback from an 0-3 deficit in the American League championship series.

This would be close enough. The Boston fans have gone from gutty underdogs to conceited, ringer-T wearing, spoiled a-holes like Omega House. And to quote Senator Blutarsky, "Nothing is over until we decide it is."

The Kurt Warner Machine -- sent back in time to help you win fantasy leagues -- has a pretty interesting training method to cut down on his turnovers. "I was actually chasing my kids around and I had two hands on the football," the father of seven said, "or they were chasing me around trying to simulate the Buffalo Bills."

KWM and the Birds boat-raced the Bills. Sorry Buffalo, this is a typical Dick Jauron, save-my-job kind of team. He went 13-3 one year with the Bears before getting rolled in the playoffs. This team will do enough to make the playoffs -- maybe -- but they aren't a serious contender. At least their ridiculous undefeated streak is done.

  • Readers of THN weren't surprised that the Chargers lost at Miami on Sunday. But they looked even worse than first feared. Denver's defense isn't, well, good. But San Diego is in a lot of trouble. Thankfully, Bill Belichick is taking a cue from the Cardinals and staying in California all week to avoid the travel of back-to-back West Coast trips. (Who is doing the scheduling anyway?) That just seems like a bad idea. The Chargers should even up next week, but it doesn't look promising after that.
  • Norv Turner's press conferences after losses are getting pretty good. Yep, Coors Light territory. At least then he would be earning his money. Though, the Chargers have a lot more problems then just Turner. But her certainly doesn't help.
  • Did you enjoy watching the Eagles-Redskins game Sunday morning? Probably not, because FOX once again gave us the Giants. Hard to believe that FOX went away from the Giants, even with the blowout. Obviously, the announcers had to work overtime to squeeze in all of their pro-Giants initiatives. You know, the NFL has so many partners, GMC, State Farm, etc. The sales staff for the league should start selling stuff like, "This Giants hand job is brought to you by Bud Light. Joe ... "

  • Why were the Giants running up the scores on the Seahawks? Did they want to make a statement by beating the Seahawks? Yeah, you guys are tough guys. Congratulations.

  • Why doesn't Isaac Bruce wear No. 80 for the 49ers? The easy answer would be that Jerry Rice wore No. 80. But Rice had no problem with Steve Largent pulling the No. 80 out of the rafters for him in Seattle. How about returning the favor?
  • The worst game on your schedule must be, playing USC the week after it looses to an unranked opponent. Yikes.
  • Utah did not move into the Top 10. There is an interesting race heating up between BYU, Utah and Boise State, all angling for that final BCS spot. There is an easy way to settle this whole mess. But that's for another day.
You have your orders, go Angels!


Anonymous said...

Running up the score?

The Giants had David Carr in the game in the end of the 3rd quarter, and he threw only 1 pass in the game which was in the 4th quarter and yielded a TD to Santana Moss' little bro. The Seahawks couldn't stop anything out there.

R.J. said...

I watched the Lightning-Rangers game on Saturday and the NASCAR race at Talladega. Go Tony Stewart!

Oh, and I'm watching the Dow dip under 10,000 points right now. Not a good day for your 401k. Assuming you still can afford to have one.

Bokolis said...

I would point out that Carr also threw a bomb to Moss that resulted in a pass interference penalty.

The Giants drop sailboats on somebody, but the hate goes on. Don't fret that you didn't see the ' would have only reminded you of a Giants game.

After the next two weeks, the Giant's schedule turns ugly. Start getting in early the night before.

Anonymous said...

Don't count out Ball State

Bain said...

"Readers of THN weren't surprised that the Chargers lost at Miami on Sunday."

Nor were they surprised when the head sombrero at Hatter Nation put his GA money behind Phillo Biafra. Could've been a mistake, though. It's probably not easy to press those buttons while drinking cherry mango Puckers and dancing around the room to Bananarama.

Anonymous said...