Tuesday, October 07, 2008

NFL Players in the Community

A number of members of the Dallas Cowboys joined players from around the NFL -- including Mr. Goodell himself -- by participating in the United Way's Hometown Huddle program. Think of it as a way for the NFL players to give back to the community that they ravage for stadium deals. Hey, it's the least they could do.

Too bad those players participating in the Hometown Huddle couldn't bank that community service for future transgressions. In fact, all NFL players should be allowed to accrue community service time for the crimes they will eventually commit.

For a guy like Adam Jones, for instance, it could be really useful. Jones could donate a lot of times for months, banking valuable time until he feels the need the go slap an adult entertainer at a strip club. Then he could whip out his community service debit card and have the police complete the transaction on site. And think, this would free up valuable court time that the NFL players take up each year. Hell, it would be like making it rain with community service hours.

Really, it's win, win. Too bad Mr. Goodell doesn't hang out any more, he could steal this idea for himself.


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