Wednesday, October 15, 2008

NFL Owners Want Spring Football

But not the cool kind of spring football, like the XFL. The NFL is kicking around the idea of having a college-like spring football game, according to NFL Network's Adam Schefter.

As the NFL continues studying ways to spice up its preseason, one idea that garnered discussion at Wednesday morning’s fall meeting in St. Petersburg, Fla., was the idea of a spring preseason game.

"It is interesting," NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said. "That (idea) was raised by a few clubs. It is more in the context of what colleges do with their spring game. It can be in the form of a scrimmage. It was an interesting concept that has been raised before and was discussed this morning by a number of people."

Seems like a cool idea ... for owners looking to make more money. The league could now charge full-game prices to see a bunch of scrubs workout in a scrimmage. Yes, that is a wonderful idea. Although, if they could make a line for it, that might be interesting.

The league needs to consider creating another development league, but make the teams committ actual players to it. Especially quarterbacks. Take a look at some of the quarterbacks who will be running teams this week. The NFL's biggest problem isn't Adam Jones fighting in the bathroom. The biggest problem is the lack of skilled players.

Look at what the XFL did for Tommy Maddox. He developed into a servicable NFL quarterback. And if it hadn't been for a paralyzing injury, he probably would have had a decent enough career. The league needs to start investing in its product because nobody is going to pay huge money to see Matt Cassel, J.T. O'Sullivan and Dan Orlovsky play games for much longer.


DAWUSS said...

NFLEurope, anyone?

EK said...

Two more regular-season games with full TV-rights money isn't going to hurt either.