Wednesday, October 01, 2008

International Slap a Sox Fan in the Face Day

And just so you Cubs fans don't feel left out, you can slap a White Sox fan in the face, too. In fact, if there was a dream scenario, the Angels would beat the Red Sox, White Sox and Dodgers all the way to winning the World Series. That's greedy, sure. But for Angels fans, are there any three teams you would want to beat more on the way to the World Series?

Please tell me you didn't say the Yankees. Come on. That's been done to death. The only other possible alternative would be, perhaps, the Brewers instead of the Dodgers.

The playoffs start today. There might not be a playoff setup, outside of March Madness, than I love more than baseball. The NBA is lame. The NHL is lame because they never invite the Kings. The NFL is typically a yawn fest. But baseball, it seems that every team has a chance to win this thing.

Here's ESPN's picks. Get yours down in the comments.


Diane said...

Since I readily concede that you know more about baseball than I do, I have a question -

Is AJ Pierzinski the biggest A-hole in baseball, or just in the top five?

Sun Devil said...

Isn't every day "International Slap a [Red] Sox Fan in the Face Day?"

And how can THN cheer for the Cubs? That's like a White Sox fan cheering for the Dodgers. The Cubs are the Chicago equivalent of the Dodgers in so many ways.

Except the Cubs haven't won a world series since before cars were invented.

Kyle said...

It's a three-jerk race between Pierzynski, Curt Schilling and Jeff Kent. Gary Sheffield might be in there somewhere, too.

Seitz said...

I hate to admit it, and Adam, you may need to stage an intervention, but at if you told me right now that the Angels wouldn't win the World Series, but neither would the Red Sox, White Sox, Cubs, or Dodgers, I'd probably take that trade off.

I really fucking hate just about every sports fan in Chicago. If the Angels play the Cubs in the World Series, I may very well end up either dead or in jail.

THN said...

hang in there Seitz, it will get better.

Anonymous said...

OCT 2,2008 BITCH SLAP AN GAYLOS FAN DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Diane said...

After that game last night, I've got the window open and one foot out on the ledge.