Monday, October 27, 2008

How Will You Remember the Gomer Era?

Well, other than Gomer making a bunch of bad commercials.

The Titans seemed like an easy pick on Monday, being undefeated and playing host to the Colts. But that was the kind of game that Indianapolis needed to win. The kind of game that they used to win. Now they are just another football team. There is a very real possibility that the Patriots, Chargers and Colts might not make the playoffs this season. In fact, if the playoffs started today, only the Patriots would be in.

And it doesn't look like it will be getting better any time soon. The Colts have a -13 point differential and the defense is looking worse each week. The next three games for the Colts include the Patriots, Steelers and suddenly resurgent Texans.

The way the Colts are playing, it's as if Tony Dungy is already spending his time campaigning against gay marriage.

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Tony Dungy said...

There are more important things than football, you know. Ridding the world of homosexuality is a task which leaves little time for watching tapes.