Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Do You Speak Pterodactyl?

Remember when Ricky Williams used to talk to reporters with his helmet on? He's got nothing on Tennessee running back Arian Foster. The school's all-time leading rusher refuses to speak to reporters unless they speak Pterodactyl.

For real. This actually offended most of the media who cover Tennessee because being southern-bred, they refuse to believe that dinosaurs exist.

Of course, many of you would are likely still wondering why he picked Pterodactyl, but it should become quite obvious when you check out his mugshot by clicking on this link.

Makes sense now, right?


FFJewbacca said...

Don't southerners believe that Jesus rode dinosaurs? And if so, shouldn't they be pleased that a Tennessee RB can speak dinosaur? It's like he's Jesus returned to earth...the messiah if you will.


Scott said...

Dammit, Adam. I was trying to keep this story buried. Now I have to go and talk about it, too.

And don't give us any shit about being from the south. You guys elected a cyborg for governor.

R.J. said...

Actually, those lunatics thinks dinosaurs existed 6,000 years ago.

We elected that cyborg for governor, and we're also trying to recall him.

I can't confirm or deny if we're trying to get Marey Carey elected in his place, but I'm voting for Larry Flynt.

Kyle said...

No love for Gallagher, R.J.?

Marey Carey is obviously an idiot as she could have run a campaign that would have guaranteed the male vote.

Mike Carey said...

Mary Carey is a disgrace to my wonderful name.