Monday, September 01, 2008

They play ball on the West Coast

Fans of the Big Ten and SEC will not be around today as it is with some chagrin that they must admit that West Coast football teams are pretty good. Nobody will admit it, but here are some of the games that they are not talking about east of Las Vegas.

Utah knocks off Michigan. This game was actually not as close as the final score indicated. But really, beating Michigan in the Big House has become so yesterday. Kind of like the hot chick in high school that grows older, gains a few pounds and ends up dating the entire nerd herd from your alma mater. In short, everybody has had a shot and have made the most of it. Seriously, Utah beating Michigan isn't even an upset.

Cal whoops Michigan State. Once again, the score isn't indicative as to how one-sided this game was. Cal has now knocked off Tennessee and Michigan St. in non-conference play over the past few years. Ho hum.

Fresno State destroys Rutgers on the road. Rutgers coach Greg Schiano probably should have taken a more high-profile job when it presented itself. Now he's just the coach of a second-rate Jersey team. The question isn't how did Fresno State win, rather why did it take them so long to dominate?

UCLA defeats No. 18 Tennessee. So one of the top teams in the SEC needed overtime to defeat the No. 7 team in the Pac 10. Oh wait, Tennessee choked. This is why the SEC shouldn't travel out of conference. Seriously. Georgia has traveled less than a combined 400 miles for non-conference games over the previous six years. Tennessee, on the other hand, should stop traveling to the West Coast just to suffer a beating. Props for actually being one of the few SEC teams that travel, but it's just not working out for you. Damn, how bad would USC have killed the Volunteers?

Oh, congrats on your win over Hawaii, people. Winning a team without June Jones or Colt Brennan must make you so proud.

And one further warning, this week isn't going to be for the weak of heart. Proceed with caution. If you are offended easily, we will see you for the Post Mortem next week.


flohtingPoint said...

UCLA/Tenn game was great, soon as Craft figured out not to throw the ball to the guys in the white outfits.

Scott said...

I have to come here and read how the Bucs aren't going to make the Super Bowl and get reminded of my Vols' major choke job last night? I thought we were buds.

Rick Neuheisel should make himself available to NFL teams for halftime pep talks. I don't know how hard he had to beat Craft to get him to turn it around like that, but I'm betting it was fairly hard.

The Hatriot said...

Hey remember when folks in the South could say "Sure, you folks in California have the women and the beaches and the fancy book-learnin' colleges... and the entertainment industry... and the music scene... and the technology sector... and the agriculture... and the tourism... and the revenue... and the infrastructure... and the professional sports teams... BUT WE'VE GOT COLLEGE FOOTBALL, YEEEEE-HAAAAAAW!!!"?

All I can hope now is that the government is able to reassign some of the cargo aircraft used for hurricaine relief so that they can be used to airlift desperately needed bags of dicks to the UT area to provide VolFan with sustenance this week.

Diane said...

How 'bout those Angels?

THN said...

I was thinking that last night Scott, that this was giving you the double-whammy.

Craft looked like the guy we all knew and hated at State, but did somehow find a way to butch up in the second half. This could actually get interesting out here.

WCT said...

1 - always bet on a coach wearing a sweater vest.

2 - Utah is on the West Coast? How are the beaches in Utah?

3 - Rutgers and Michigan St. are both awful. I wouldn't be proud of those wins.

THN said...

The beaches are good in Salt Lake, but no waves.

You know, the only school, that I know of, actually on the beach is UC Santa Barbara.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Pepperdine right on the beach?

THN said...

Pepperdine is on the wrong side of PCH.

buckyor said...

There is a beach in Salt Lake, but it's pretty nasty. People only go there for concerts.

Northwestern has a beach. Two, as I recall. You can really only use them about a month during the school year though.