Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Raiders Team Flights Seem Fun

Maybe we are giving the Raiders too hard of a time. Because at the very least, these guys know how to party. This little nugget was stashed away in a Yahoo! Sports story. (They were obviously taking a break from trying to get USC on probation.)

On the way to the Super Bowl in the 2002 season, the Raiders would regularly fly on a Friday before a Sunday game. According to multiple team sources, the reason was that a large number of players would get drunk on the plane ride to a road game.

“We needed Saturday to get sober so we could play on Sunday,” one former player said.

Not that it did Barrett Robbins any good to spend a whole week in San Diego. But what were the Raiders doing there, flying Southwest? The airline that practically makes you do a beer bong before you get on the plane? You almost have to admire a team that treats a business flight the same way that guys treat a flight to Las Vegas for March Madness.

Maybe that's the secret. The Raiders went to the Super Bowl when they were drinking on the planes. Now, they are sober and look at the results. Al might know what he's doing.


Kyle said...

"What's the problem?" - Wade Boggs

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