Thursday, September 25, 2008

Oregon State Worst Program For the Pac-10

They are not the worst program in the Pac-10. But they are the worst program for the Pac-10. Oregon State will rise up each season to screw one of the teams in conference. They did it to Cal last year. They've done it to USC in two of the last three years. And they did it to Oregon a number of years ago.

Of course, the Beavers will never ever put together a great season. But they will do just enough once a year to ruin somebody's season. Especially the way Oregon State went out and rolled over for Penn State earlier this season.

Thanks for playing USC.

The bad losses seemed to be a thing of the past once the shrimp went to Minnesota, but it appears that Mark Sanchez can still have the season-crippling loss, too.

Have fun guys, and go nuts.


Hope Floats said...

Stop making excuses for USC. They got beat my Oregon State, deal with it.

THN said...

Where are the excuses? I just pointed out that Oregon State seems to rise up to beat the top team in the Pac-10 year after year.

The Big Picture said...

i was having a similar conversation with my brother, in regards to Mike Riley's job:

it went like: "shouldn't mike riley have been by fired now?"

i said that pretty much as beaver fans stormed the field.

Anonymous said...

When you are a first tier team, U$C is a first tier team, you are expected to do well. Period. When you are a second tier team, OSU is at best a second tier team, success can be measured with win/loss progress or with upsets.

Maybe OSU is better at the upsets, but at their level of college football they're doing better with what they have than U$C does with what they have.

Hats off to the Beavers from a Bear. They're a tough team.