Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mr. Goodell: I am here to help you heal

The tragic events of September 11 still continue to haunt us all, and have left an indelible scar on America. But in tragedy rises heroes. Your hero, Mr. Goodell rises to meet that call today.

Instead of reflecting, why not spend your time with me, Mr. Goodell, chatting on

A lot of you might feel that it’s in poor taste for me, Mr. Goodell, to hold this media-whoring event on the seventh anniversary of the September 11 attacks. But it’s not like I live in New York or anything. I knew nothing about it.

Besides, my public needs me. They need my calming presence. They also need to know that I continue to fight terrorists in my own way, suspending NFL players left and right. So please, hit me up with some questions. I look forward to seeing you.


DAWUSS said...

THN needs to schedule an interview with Herr Commissioner

Diane said...

He didn't want Governor Palin stealing all the glory with her first "interview".

DAWUSS said...

But if that were the case, wouldn't America's Soccer Mom be trying to 1UP America's Hockey Mom?

Kyle said...

Had "Mr. Goodell" not been repeated and his picture alongside the column I would have sworn this was Rudy Giuliani.

Diane said...

I wish it would have occured to me earlier to email him a question about Pat Tillman.