Monday, September 29, 2008

Linehan fired

Still liked the idea of the Raiders and St. Louis FC trading coaches, but this will have to do for now. St. Louis has looked about as lifeless as Georgia's rotting corpse, so a move had to be made.

Adam Schefter from points out just how far St. Louis FC has to go.

Over their last 31 games, in which they're 7-24, the (St. Louis FC) have been:

  • Outscored by 32 points in first quarter (44-7 this season).
  • Outscored by 33 points in second quarter.
  • Outscored by 65 points in first half.
  • Outscored by 76 points in third quarter.
  • Outscored by 171 points in fourth quarter.
  • Outscored by 241 points in second half and OT (+6 in OT).
  • Overall outscored by 306 points overall.
So with futility like that, the only option is to promote the defensive coordinator. Seriously. Jim Haslett is going to be taking over the team now.

A good friend had a better suggestion in that the club should bring in Marty Schottenheimer to turn the thing around. And that's a good idea. Schottenheimer is a winner. His playoff record is mocked, but the guy would have the team back to respectability. Bring in Marty, have him get your team back to the playoffs, and then make a move. Or maybe you bring in Dick Vermeil to coach the playoffs.

That is smart thinking, so don't look for Chip Rosenbloom to make that move. His main objective this season was to get his dad, Carrol, back into the team's media guide. But seeing that he is going to have to eventually sell the team, maybe he should be concerned with increasing the team's value.


Diane said...

I hope this move won't ruin my Survivor Pool strategy of picking the team playing the Rams each week.

Bain said...

Crushing one another with colossal expectations,
Dependent, undisciplined, and sleeping late.