Monday, September 15, 2008

Kiffin violates Raiders' code: He won

Lane Kiffin did the unthinkable this weekend: he won a football game. And that has Al Davis pissed off. To be honest, The Hater Nation is a little pissed, too. The Raiders' win ruined a perfectly-good running gag. (Although, THN is resourceful so this will only need a mere tweak.)

Davis, however, is despondent over the win. So much so, the owner is on the verge of firing his young puppet. Kiffin got in the owner's doghouse last season when he increased the Raiders win total from two to four. Now, with the Raiders winning so early in the season, there is a chance the Raiders could get up to five, six or maybe even seven wins this season.

Davis will not stand for that. You don't go to Oakland and start winning. That goes against the Raiders code. These cocky young bucks think they can do anything. And that might be true, but Davis is going to draw the line at winning.

That's just not something Raiders do.


DAWUSS said...

They can have the Hermarroid.

My word verification is "egatxdf", which is something that signifies that the Chiefs have officially hit rock bottom

Mike Shanahan said...

That Al Davis is an asshole. He should act more like stand-up guy Ed Hochuli.

Kordell said...

I'd hit tha-

Err, sorry, wrong thread.