Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Kiffin fired

Figures the Raiders would be behind the curve again. The funny part is that Al Davis is not going to (or at least try not to) pay Kiffin the remaining money on his contract. That should be an awesome fight. The Raiders blow on the field, but they typically do really well in court. Good luck, Lane.

Tom Cable is reportedly going to be the guy. Cable is a former Cal State Fullerton assistant.


John O said...

No one should forget:

Tom Cable was the head coach at the University of Idaho, his alma mater from 2000-2003. He compiled a record of 11-35 (.239) in four seasons before being replaced by Nick Holt. (wikipedia)

Later, Cable opined that the Vandals should move back to 1-AA to be more competitive.

The Vandals are the Raiders of Idaho. It fits that he should be head coach in Oakland too!

R.J. said...

I followed through on my threat. I resigned from Raider Nation this morning after Al Davis made Kiffin walk the plank and he retained Rob Ryan. I took down all of my silver and black items from my cube and I won't be wearing my jersey to work on Fridays anymore.

If the Raiders run the table and lose the rest of their games, I would not be surprised.