Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bad news for Kiffin: He's Still Raiders coach

Lane Kiffin's passive aggressive attempt to get fired from the Raiders has backfired. At least for one more day. Kiffin was given an extension on his career death sentence. Kiffin has been itching to be fired by the Raiders recently, going so far as to bash the owner publicly in the newspaper.

Sources close to Kiffin indicate that the embattled Raiders coach will take it up a notch this week by slamming Al Davis on his Myspace and Facebook pages. You can read it here.

At first, Kiffin seemed pretty cool for finally standing up to his boss. But some perspective, and words from a friend, helped shed some light on this. Kiffin is a lot like ESPN's Sports Dork Bill Simpson, who is trying to get fired from his gig. Hey, you guys signed the contracts. There is nobody to blame but yourself.

Kiffin, whose father is in the league, couldn't have had an illusions about how things are run in Oakland. Hell, Steve Sarkisian wouldn't even take the job. So don't act pissed now when it didn't turn out how you would like it.

This is on Kiffin. He should have acted like a man and kept his mouth shut. Now he's going to have trouble finding a low-level NCAA Division 1 job, like New Mexico State.



John O said...

the myspace profile is genius.

Taylor said...

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Bain said...

As soon as Mr. Davis figures out how to load his "30 Free AOL Minutes" into that banana and cue up the MySpace on his Commadore, Kiffin's ass is grass.