Monday, August 18, 2008

What the Hell is on Eli's Lip?

Eli Messiah has clearly entered the "Ronald Miller post-break up with Cindy Mancini" phase of his career. Remember when Ronnie was walking around school in leather jackets, dress shirts with no sleeves, gelled hair and designer sunglasses? That is how ridiculous the Messiah looked on the sidelines last night, stroking his prepubescent beard while smacking his gum.

Sorry Eli, nobody is buying it.

Much like the inner dork still lurked in Ronald Miller's soul, there is no way that you can escape your inner goofiness.

Although, if your receivers continue to make great plays for you, time after time, you just might do it. Seriously, do the Giants have the best receivers in the NFL or what? One-handed grabs pinned to a helmet. A guy with one leg making a corner back screw himself in the ground. And now Domenik Hixon doing that incredible act on Monday night.

This is all one big "Ronald Miller scam," and we're on to you. It's only a matter of time before you "(crap) on the house," and rejoin the Nerd Herd like you belong.


The Hatriot said...

Ah yes, the classic facial hair style known as "jailhouse pussy". Nice look, Corky...

R.J. said...

How many weeks did it take him to grow that?