Friday, August 29, 2008

The Weak Ender

College football has returned, and it's always been baffling as to why college football starts the season so awkwardly. For instance, what a waste is was to have that Oregon State vs. Stanford nail biter on opening night. Who does that?

If college football was smart, they would stage a bunch of meaningless games featuring freshmen who have no chance playing later in the season. And then you charge people a bunch of money to watch the game. That's what the smart leagues do. Don't jump feet-first into the season with exciting games, wade into the season with a bunch of teams going through the motions and star players avoiding injuries.

Toby Gerhart (Norco HS) looked pretty good for Stanford. Covered the dude in high school, when he was unstoppable. After watching last night, looks like he could be another white running back in the NFL. And pity Mike Reilly. Nicest guy in the world, but he can never seem to get his teams over the hump. Had the same problem as the Chargers coach.

Here are some things to look for in the upcoming college football weekend.

  • USC will get off to a roaring start. Mark Sanchez is taking a Shawne Merriman-like risk coming back so soon after hurting his knee. But against Virginia, he likely won't have to worry about playing more than a half. And if Stanford pushes them again this season, it won't seem so bad because the Cardinal looks pretty good.

  • UCLA will play host to Tennessee, meaning the Rick Neuheisel Era is going to start off with a loss. Hey Bruins fans, you had better be rooting for a quick turn around. Because every day that Skippy is on campus, the school inches closer to probation. But good luck with your quarterback, a guy that San Diego State gave up on. What's going on with the world when UCLA's quarterback comes from SDSU, and LSU had to steal its quarterback from Harvard. (Seriously.)
  • What is worse is that the SEC is going to use this game to pound its chest. But you have to give Tennessee credit for actually scheduling a somewhat challenging opponent and traveling out of the south. You don't see that very often.

  • The country is going to be pulling for Utah this weekend, as they travel to Michigan. Some of you might be conflicted because you can't see pulling for a Mormon school. But rest assured, Utah is for the normals ... err ... non-LDS citizens of the state. All of the good Mormons go to BYU, and the rejects go to Utah State. So your cool, root for the Utes.

  • The search for a new Cowgirl is on. And that's the legacy that Cowgirl leaves, a bunch of chicks dressing like sluts at football games looking to launch their career. Instead of going on reality TV shows (like the Asian chick from the Real World San Diego who is starring with Stacy Keibler in some ABC Family channel movie), chicks now doll up for college football games. ESPN wasted no time trying to set up former Bachelor contestant and mediocre NFL quarterback Jessie Palmer with some girls during the NC State vs. South Carolina game on Thursday night.

  • Oregon will play host to Washington. Ty Willingham is running out of time to turn around the UW's program. And he's probably not going to. Who was the guy who started Washington's spiral? Oh yeah, that's right.

  • Fresno State will play at Rutgers on Monday. The Bulldogs have a chance to have a special season. Fresno State has big-time games against Rutgers, Wisconsin and UCLA. Here's the scoop, the Bulldogs will win at least two of the three big-time games, and threaten for a BCS bid until they blow a game against San Jose State. Pat Hill's teams always seem to make some big upsets but can never follow it up in the conference season. In some respects, they are the USC of the WAC.

  • Say a prayer for Hawaii at Florida. That's going to be ugly. Why didn't you pay June Jones the money?

  • The Angels wrapped up the AL West on Thursday night. The club looked terrible, falling behind 4-0 in the first inning. All of the infield injures had fans thinking of 1995, but Juan Rivera's bases-clearing double ended all of that.

  • MLB Jennifer noted that there were some loud cheers from Boston fans at Yankee Stadium. So the rats have already abandoned ship, eh?

  • Adam Jones will return to the NFL this season. As if there was any doubt that Mr. Goodell would rule against one of his favored owners. Jones (Adam, not Jerry) received the news while dining at Hooters. At where now? Hooters. Jones, you just don't want to play football, do you.

Change was the word of the day during Obama's Thursday night acceptance speech. That's amazing. I can only take that to mean that Bob Barr and other third party candidates are going to be given the opportunity to debate Obama and McCain this fall. Can't wait to see that finally happen. Otherwise, that would just be another empty promise and what I would fear a precursor for the future.

Just saying.


lumps said...


Thanks for showing some love to the Ducks, if their QB hadn't shredded his same ACL he shredded last year, they might have a chance for the Holiday Bowl, as it is the Goat Roper QB is going to lead them to a 7-5 season.

Also, marc and his new wife are in for Tardstock!! So figure out when!

THN said...

Absolutely love Denis Dixon. They would have won the national championship, easy.

WCT said...

And pity Mike Reilly. Nicest guy in the world, but he can never seem to get his teams over the hump.

Amazing. And so it begins...

define "over the hump." Has Oregon State ever won anything of any consequence ever? And no, the Emerald bowl (or whatever) doesn't count....

WCT said...

And you forgot to mention the Spartans going out to take on the tree-huggers in Berkley

THN said...

Don't you remember when Oregon State smashed Notre Dame in the Fiesta Bowl back when Chad Johnson and T.J. Houshmanzillie

Bokolis said...

I'm not sure the rats are abandoning ship so much as it is a function of the Apple being infested with bostonian Rats.

We need some immigration reform. Since the mayor is a carpetbagger from Boston (and the junior Senator is a carbetbagger...and the governor is blind), it ain't happening.