Friday, August 15, 2008

The Weak Ender

More and more Olympians are posing nude for magazines (semi-safe link of the German team), drawing the ire of those who feel that these women are cheapening the Olympic ideal. They are dishonoring those ancient Greeks who performed in the very first Olympic games.

Totally naked.

Being naked in the Olympics is just as big of a tradition as the torch and terrorist attacks. Instead of criticizing athletes for baring all, maybe women such as Misty May should be criticized for wearing too many clothes. Let's start kicking the Olympics old-school the way the ancient Greeks intended.

Although, those Greek men would be chagrined that it is women who are nude instead of men.

  • This woman (link) is Leryn Franco. She will be competing in the javelin. Kyle will be along shortly to make the off-color joke in the comments. Unless Dawuss beats him to it.

  • The pride of Cal State Fullerton, Mark Kotsay hit for the cycle on Thursday night in a loss to the Cubs. When a pitcher throws a no-hitter in a loss, it does not count. So does Kotsay’s cycle still stand?

  • Major League Baseball is going to experiment with replay. Why? You think the NFL referees don’t want to show each other up? Baseball umpires are worse. If Doug Eddings declared that Pamela Anderson was a virgin, any umpire who watched the Anderson-Tommy Lee video still wouldn’t have the courage to overturn the call.

America’s worst nightmare came true on Thursday night when the Panthers vs. Eagles preseason game was interrupted for 60 minutes by lightening. (Does anybody believe the NFL would have had the delay if this was a regular season game in prime time?) FOX, who was broadcasting the game, did not have any alternative programming so that meant – you guessed – story time with Joe Buck.

Buck and Troy Aikman spent the break talking about – among other things – bowling. Specifically, Aikman rolled a 201 (even leaving the tenth frame open) and Buck, not so much. You could tell that this killed Buck who grew up in St. Louis where you are handed a Bud and bowling ball at birth.

You get the feeling that Buck secretly (some might argue openly) hates and resents the athletes that he covers. So for Aikman – who clearly doesn’t care – to beat Buck must have been priceless. You know Buck was gripping, sweating and really worked up about the whole thing. And Aikman bowls a 201. That made the delay somewhat bearable.


Diane said...

Had you lost the remote?

Kyle said...
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Kyle said...

That's an awful lot of pressure. Beside, there's more to my life than posting bad, low brow jokes on blogs.

With that said...I'd like to toss MY javelin in that.

DAWUSS said...

When Buck and Aikman talked about a team that wasn't playing, it was off to the Olympics

THN said...

The remote worked, but I was, uh, obligated to keep watching.

Fletch said...

201? Pussy. [/Bettis]