Friday, August 01, 2008

The Weak Ender

Football season is back and the happiest person in the world right now? Jim Sorgi's mom. Finally, that wonderful lady will no longer have to root for an injury to Gomer -- her boy is going to be the starting quarterback in the Hall of Fame game against the Redskins. And you can't blame Jim Sorgi's mom if she is starting to have some visions of Wally Pipp dancing in her head as he boy is working with the first-unit offense. This certainly has been a long-time coming. And THN couldn't be happier for her.

Nor you, the football fan. And yes, let's not forget the gamblers who will be laying action on the game. Seriously.

Who are the degenerate gamblers who will be wagering good money on the game. And honestly, Las Vegas casinos do pretty considerable action on preseason games. But how? Trying to figure out winners during the regular season is hard enough. How did you ever get a read on how these backups are going to do? The action is just baffling. If any of you wager on the preseason games, please give your testimony in the comments.

Art Monk is finally going into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, which must give hope to other players such as Tim Brown. We can argue about whether Monk deserves to get in or not. (You can review his stats, here.) But the Hall of Fame voting for the NFL is a complete joke. Peter King for years campaigned against Monk. But a couple of emails from his readers changed his mind. That should have his vote revoked.

Then you have this notion that four guys need to be inducted each season. Why? The Hall of Fame should be the elite of the elite. Not guys who have a couple of good years and then go into television. The NFL needs to reconsider its criteria, but you will see a franchise in LA before that happens.


R.J. said...

Emmitt Thomas and Darrell Green belong. Art Monk? No. The Hall of Fame is for the best of the best, not the very good.

By this logic, Kurt Warner is a lock for Canton.

Y2Jerichoholic said...

As someone who hits Vegas around the beginning of the college football season with loads of bodybag games to reap $$$ off of (usually), I can tell you that the only reason to bet on a preseason NFL game is to simply add a little variety to it (I don't bet anything higher than $11 on a preseason NFL game). Hell, I don't even watch the game, I just pass by the book and look at the score. If it's a win, I consider it a little bonus, if not, ehhh, no biggie.

Kyle said...

I'd like to plow that slag in the picture. that's my contribution.