Thursday, August 28, 2008

Warner will start

At least the preseason game against the Broncos. Which must be wonderful for those of you who play preseason fantasy football. You nuts.

Not sure what kind of message they are trying to send to Matt Leinart. The relationship between the former first-round pick and his head coach resembles the relationship between Gunnery Sgt. Tom Highway and Stitch Jones. You can almost see coach Ken Whisenhunt tossing a boom box through the Cardinals locker room, screaming, "You men do not impress me."

The only conjecture to offer is that Whisenhunt is trying to mentally toughen up his quarterback who will almost assuredly play this season, whether the Kurt Warner Machine is tabbed as the starting quarterback or not. Because even as good as KWM is, he will get hurt at some point during the season. Coach, even though he's mean, nasty and tired needs to finally pick a quarterback and stick with him.

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