Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tom Cruise Stars As Eli Messiah

Or maybe Eli is channeling his inner “Growing up Gotti.” The influence of being in New Jersey has evidentially got to him.

But let’s think about this for a minute. The Jets have traded for Brett Favre, brought in Cowgirl and the Giants respond with this.

Is there anything the Mannings won’t do for money? (Wait for it.) You figure that if some producer offered the right price, Gomer and Eli would do a gay porn together. Hell, for all we know, Cooper might be trying to line that up right now.


Diane said...

He looks like he should be doing an ad for Garanimals.

Kyle said...

When Eli sold his soul to the Devil for that Super Bowl ring, he really should have included a provision to make him look like less of a dork.

I'm allowed to write such things because I look eerily like the guy :/

Titan Tim said...

Did you see the Oreo commercial?

THN said...

My guess is that somehow a Gomer/Eli sex tape will be leaked to the media by America's Soccer Mom, Archie Manning.

Of course, the tape will be produced by ASM's company.