Thursday, August 21, 2008

Super Bowl Buzz Kill: Saints

Do you think your team is going to the Super Bowl? Ha. Your team sucks. Why put yourself through the aggravation every year? The Hater Nation is here to bring you back to reality with the award-winning series, The Super Bowl Buzz Kill.

Why your team won’t win the Super Bowl: New Orleans Saints

Kellen Winslow (the Hall of Fame tight end) recently said in a radio interview that the tight end is the most important position on the field. Like the point guard on a basketball team, everything goes through the tight end. That’s why Sean Payton was so hyper to bring in Jeremy Shockey to the Saints.

The thinking is, and Winslow agreed with this, is that having that presence will make Reggie Bush better, Marques Colston better and even Drew Brees better. A scary thought, the Saints offense becoming even more dangerous.

But all of that talent comes with a price. Mainly because Shockey is a huge a-hole. And sure, he’s saying the right things now. They all do. But in the end, his inner douche nozzle will eventually shine through. Trust me, as an a-hole myself, you just can’t help yourself. Sooner or later, something is going to piss you off and you will let everybody know about it.

Think of it like a reality TV show. People try to be as nice as possible during the first couple of days on the island or inside the house. But when you are an a-hole, it can’t help but come out.

For all of Shockey’s talents, the Giants still won a Super Bowl without him. And there were even some, John Clayton for instance, who insisted that the Giants were a better team without him. That’s just lame. And incredibly wrong. Shockey is a player who makes the team better. Nobody cares about his attitude if the team is winning.

The Giants did win the Super Bowl without him, but only because their defense. That defense would have smothered the Patriots if Shockey was playing or not. So in New Orleans, Shockey helps the explosive offense get better, but he certainly isn’t going to help on the other side of the ball.

Jonathan Vilma was a good pickup and should help. Vilma still has a lot of life left, but he was "Wally Pipped" in New York behind David Harris. The Saints have a real problem stopping people, especially in the air. They can’t stop the big plays, though Vilma is supposed to shut them down there. Even the 1999 St. Louis FC had a good defense to go with its offense.

The Saints have had an offense that could win it all, and Shockey makes them better. But unless they can stop somebody on the defense, that just won’t happen.


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R.J. said...

It's going to be fun watching them try to win games 38-35 this season like the Bolts sometimes did during the Air Coryell era.

Pierre LePud said...

It's just too bad you couldn't have come up with a Canadian angle on this one.