Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Post Mortem

That Michael Phelps guy had a pretty solid weekend, right? Despite ESPN’s best attempts to ruin the surprise for everybody, revelers at The Bar at Times Square were riveted to Phelps’ run for the gold. ESPN and all of these other media outlets seem to relish in being like Homer Simpson while walking out of a showing of The Empire Strikes Back, they could not ruin this moment. When you combine that race with a piano-bar version of “Roll with the Changes,” well that is a special night.

  • The preseason actually was fun this weekend. Brett Favre looked pretty comfortable in a Jets uniform. Strange not seeing him in his familiar Falcons garb. (Seriously, how come the Falcons didn’t bring him in for a one-year rental while Matt Ryan gets ready?) Dare anybody say that Brett Favre was having fun out there? Cliché, of course, but moving to a new team in a new conference might actually be a good thing for Favre.

  • The Raiders are in regular season form, blowing a game late against the Titans. Oren O’Neal fumbled on the goal line that allowed Tennessee to march down the field to kick the game winner. O’Neal likely cemented his position on the team, though the Raiders are in no short supply of players who choke in crunch time.

  • Anybody feel good about Vince Young as a starting NFL quarterback? The dude looks uncomfortable against the most generic of defenses. The guy just isn’t going to get it. And right now, people should be congratulating Charlie Casserly for drafting Mario Williams instead of Reggie Bush and Young. Hell, Matt Leinart, too.

  • The Chargers threw the St. Louis FC a bone by not playing half of their starters and the Arches still nearly blew it. Marc Bulger might be a lost cause. He looks awful.

  • Tom Brady is hurt, the Patriots might want to think about a real backup quarterback. But knowing the Patriots, Brady probably just didn’t want to play and they fabricated the injury to give him a rest. Otherwise, enjoy the Matt Gutierrez era.

The Patriots received AFC championship rings, not an uncommon occurrence. What is, however, is the 16-0 perfect season inscription. That’s right 16-0, perfect season. Colt Brennan and June Jones don’t seem anything wrong with this.

But come on guys, you lost.

The Patriots even will hang a banner that will commemorate the “perfect season” in the stadium. That banner will now replace the Confederate flag as America’s new second-place banner.


DAWUSS said...

I think I did a record amount of channel swapping during the Raitards-Titans game and the Olympics...

BTW, my word verification was "llhmg", which, if I recall correctly, was what Michael Phelps shouted upon breaking Mark Spitz's record

Bain said...

Phelps might be a pretty good swimmer, but I bet he can't hit a golf ball for shit.

Kyle said...

Phelps' interview with Costas last night was one of the most uncomfortable things I've watched. Just brutal.

Fletch said...

Have they re-jiggered Madden's broadcast schedule this year to ensure his covering of at least 5 Jets games yet?

I can't wait to laugh at the jackass that picks Vince Young in my fantasy league. Dude wanted to 'retire' 3 months ago. What a fuckup.

Diane said...

"That banner will now replace the Confederate flag as America’s new second-place banner."