Monday, August 11, 2008

The Post Mortem

Alex Rodriguez said that every game is like a playoff game for the Yankees now. So it should come as no surprise that the Yankees lost to the Angels on Sunday, as the Halos competed a three-game sweep.

A nifty 5-2 mark against the Bronx Bombers this year, showing they can do it even without Joe Torre managing the Yankees.

A strange week for the Angels as visions of 1995 danced in the heads of some fans following a loss to the Orioles. The Angels also needed a walk off, uh, walk to defeat the Os in one game after blowing a big lead in the ninth inning. Thankfully, the Yankees were the tonic that the Angels needed.

And don’t worry about the Angels peaking too early. They only have a three-game advantage over the Rays for the best record in the American League. Hopefully Mike Scioscia has learned his lesson from last year and the team can keep on rolling.

Some other thoughts and questions from the Anaheim.

  • The Yankees do have one return trip to Anaheim this year, ensuring that the Orange County Sheriff’s mounted police will have another chance to patrol the parking lot prior to the playoffs. Thank you, Yankees, Dodgers and Red Sox fans for turning Angels Stadium parking lot into lockdown. Although, that should make Dodgers fans feel at home. Maybe they should start setting aside parking lots and seating sections for the opposing teams like they do in European soccer. If any team is going to make it happen, it will be the Raiders, right?

  • Why does Derek Jeter wear leotards?

  • The Angel Stadium crew really needs to play walkup music for the visiting team. Tiny Dancer would be a great selection for Jeter, while anything from Madonna would suffice for A-Rod.

  • Why is it that so many Yankees fans were wearing Giants gear this year? Seems like somebody has a bit of an inferiority complex when it comes to the Angels.

  • And if you think that was bad, some Yankees fan was chiding Angels fans for always losing to Boston in the playoffs. That would be like Japan making fun of the United States for the Vietnam war after what we did to them.

The St. Louis football club looks to be in a lot of trouble. Marc Bulger was awful, which seems to be hard to do in most preseason games. Most starting quarterbacks will complete 5-of-6 passes for 12 yards and call it a night. Bulger was much worse, even throwing an interception that was returned for a touchdown. (Though, the ball was tipped.)

  • The Titans Chris Johnson is really fast.

  • Why are the Giants jerking around Plaxico Burress? The guy does not need to practice. As long as he can still go up and bring down Eli Messiah’s prayers, then he is fine.

  • The Cowboys first unit looked very good against the Chargers. But wow, the drop between the starters and backups is amazing.

  • Colt Brennan is not going to be the starting quarterback for the Redskins. At least not this year. Though, his receivers certainly weren't helping him out. Brennan's one week as Washington's favored quarterback was still better than anything Heath Shuler did.

Alright, the Chargers backup is a white running back. There is a white sprinter and a black swimmer on the Olympic team. Has the sports world turned into one of those spoof movies?


Diane said...

The fact that Lorenzo Neal didn't fit into Norv Turner's plans for the offense does not bode well for the Chargers.

Anonymous said...

Too bad the Yankees sweep helps the Red Sox.