Monday, August 04, 2008

The Post Mortem

The Hall of Fame edition.

If there is one thing that you can take from Hall of Fame Weekend it’s that Redskins fans have a huge inferiority complex when it comes to the Dallas Cowboys. Redskins fans jeered every Cowboys great, Tony Dorsett and Mel Renfro, but the most vigorous vitriol was reserved for Michael Irvin.

And Irvin got it even before the ceremony started.

Irvin was treated to catcalls from the Redskins faithful while he was on the NFL Network set. Many of the fans asking if Irvin was high.

And hey, in their defense, if you ever see Irvin on television it doesn’t seem like an unreasonable question.

Although Irvin’s Hall of Fame speech last year, along with his idea to bring rookies to the Hall of Fame should give him a little bit of leeway. Although the Cowboys players seemed to enjoy the respect given for still drawing jeers.

The real villain – the guy who deserved the most scorn -- was Chris Berman. Somehow he doesn’t hear anything from the crowd for his incessant hamming and shtick. Even famed camera lover, Mr. Goodell, abstained from speaking during the ceremony. Well, at least at the ceremony. Mr. Goodell played it pretty well, pretending to give the floor to the Hall of Fame inductees. That, however, didn’t prevent him from holding a press conference about Brett Favre during the broadcast.

Yeah, this day was for the Hall of Fame inductees.

Goodell now gets the rub of “giving the day to the Hall of Fame” while still managing to remain in the spotlight. Damn, only the son of a senator can get away with that.

Great ceremony and if they could ever figure out a way to get rid of Berman and Mr. Goodell, they would really be one to something.


One of the friends of the THN was at the Hall of Fame this weekend and blogging for here are a couple of anecdotes we’re stealing them here.

Dorsett: Green had the angle

Darrell Green made quite an impact during his rookie season. He scored a touchdown on a punt return the first time he touched the ball in a preseason game. But he made his biggest splash against the Cowboys when he caught Tony Dorsett from behind. Or so the legend goes from the Redskins' point of view. Dorsett, remembers it a little bit differently. When asked about his impressions of Green, Dorsett wasted no time talking about that play.

"I will never forget Darrell's rookie year because he was the only 'guy' to catch me from behind," Dorsett said.

Did he have an angle?

"He had a great angle. If you watch the play, I was at the line of scrimmage making people miss and he just took off. When I was running down the field I didn't see him in my peripheral. When I saw him, it was too late for me to kick it into another gear. When I got up, I looked down on him and said, 'Where the hell did you come from?'"

I always wanted to get out on the field against him and try it again now that I knew about him."

Gil Brandt, of course, was quick to point out that the Cowboys side of the field was muddy and that the Cowboys did win the game, 31-30. -- Adam Rank

And one more.

You ought to be in pictures

Terry Bradshaw told a skeptical Deacon Jones that he never had an agent as a player. But he does have a movie agent, although he has never done a movie with him. Bradshaw has appeared in a number of movies, including the recent animated feature "Robots" along with "Failure to Launch" and "Hooper." His favorite role was playing a racer in the movie "Cannonball Run." The movie featured Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Burt Reynolds, Roger Moore, Jackie Chan, and Farrah Fawcett.

"Dean and Sammy were like watching a stand-up routine during takes," Bradshaw said. "They had us busting up between takes. And there was always this card game that Roger Moore always wanted me to play. I spent a lot of time on that set.

"I wouldn't say it was intimidating working with them, but it's tough when you are crossing boundaries. I had worked with Burt in 'Hooper.' What you find is they rapidly endorse you over here (acting). Not because of your acting skills, but because they respected you as an athlete and eventually pull you in."

That endorsement, evidentially meant invitations to hang out with Frank Sinatra among other perks.

Of course, none of this impressed Jones, who was heard quipping, "I've never seen you on the (expletive) awards."

To which Bradshaw replied, "The only way I'll be at the awards is if I'm driving somebody." -- Adam Rank.

So rare, something entertaining on

  • The Colt Brennan era has begun in Washington ! Or maybe we shouldn’t put him in the Pro Football Hall of Fame just yet. But those who knock him for only playing against the “scrubs,” realize that he only has participated in a handful of NFL practices. And working under Jim Zorn’s system, that isn’t easy. Brennan won’t be the starter, so don’t be silly. But it is hard not to recall the amazing performance Jeremy Shockey once had in the Hall of Fame game.
  • Who told Broncos owner Pat Bowlen that it was cool to wear a gold jacket to the presentation. Seriously. That would be akin to being invited to giving an address at Augusta and wearing a green jacket. That gold jacket fiasco did overshadow one of the worst induction speeches in NFL history.
  • The Hall of Fame has an exhibit honoring all of the past professional football leagues. Except for the XFL, of course. Although one member of the Hall of Fame staff said that the XFL could be added in the future. Don't go to the Hall and expect to see a picture of Tommy Maddox, the greatest quarterback in XFL history.
The Angels had a very successful road trip to the East Coast, but consecutive losses to the Yankees puts kind of a damper on the trip. The Angels need to realize that playing against some of these curtain-jerking third-place teams isn’t easy. The Angels might not be able to ramp up for teams like the Yankees, but they have to realize that some of the bottom feeders are really gunning for them.

You never realize, until you travel outside of California , how much Yankees fans are in fear of the Angels. They celebrated Saturday's win like it was the World Series. Sunday was even worse. Oh lucky us, the douche bags come to town this weekend.


buckyor said...

I see Ellenport was working the blog as well. Did he show up wearing his Ali Haji-Sheikh hat?

R.J. said...

I was impressed with Colt Brennan, but then again he wasn't playing against Georgia's defense. Still, 9 for 10 with 2 TDs is nothing to sneeze at.

If the XFL is honored, I'm willing to bet they'll enshrine that overhead camera that can zoom in on Tony Romo diagramming plays in the turf during the huddle.

THN said...

I hear Ellenport was marking out for all of the old Giants, and he made a scene at Munson's in Canton by making them turn on the Mets game. Just the kind of thing that you want to do in Yankees bar.

Diane said...

Does the Tillman exhibit do him justice? Were they able to talk Mr. Goodell into omitting the autographed photo of W?

THN said...

You are probably asking the wrong person, as I believe that the NFL should retire Tillman's No. 40 (watch college football one day beat them to the punch and retire his No. 42).

The display is what you see in the picture. (Hopefully, I can find another one.) It's tasteful and it fits with the other exhibits. There isn't a lot of room in the Hall of Fame. It's actually kind of small and they have to rotate many of the stuff that they do have. But when you give as much space to Tillman than you do, say, the USFL, then maybe something is amiss.

Of course, there were those who left the NFL to go participate in World War II. And that's true. But if NFL players were making what they make today, that number probably would be a lot smaller. Not that one person's life is worth more, but I believe you know what I am getting at.

SonOfDad said...


Yankees fans: A-holes ::
Redsock fans: D-bags

Diane said...

I do.

THN said...

My mistake, SonofDad. Though you also could use (rhymes with bunts) for the Red Sox, too.

lumps said...


So the marginal journalist from here is trying to generate cheap heat and get people redirected to another site so it can get some site views.

Tha is lowdown, but funny!!! If it gets you to Vegas for super bowl, I am all for it, brotha!!