Thursday, August 14, 2008

Me Chinese, Me Play Joke

People still seem to be bent out of shape over Spain’s basketball team mocking its Chinese host by making “slant eyes.” Moral indignation reigns supreme over this joke. But what people seem to be overlooking here is that this picture could have been way worse.

Imagine if the Spanish basketball team all jumped in a vat of cold water and posed nude, mocking the Chinese small penises.

Imagine if the Spanish basketball team had taken a picture while adding extra MSG to the cats and dog they were cooking up in a wok.

Imagine the Spanish basketball team driving very poorly.

Imagine if the Spanish basketball team was photographed in front of the House of Hwang awaiting prearranged marriages to slave girls. (With this well-read group, somebody is going to get that.)

Imagine Pao Gasol laying in front of a tank in Tiananmen Square?

See those would be offensive. Of course, THN listeners certainly should be able to come up with some more examples of how much more offensive the Spanish basketball team could have been.


Scott said...

The Spanish basketball team binding their girlfriends' feet would have killed.

Anonymous said...

Too soon.

10 Foot Pole said...


Anonymous said...

As a 3rd generation Chinese-Canadian, I find the picture in poor taste, but not outrageously ofensive. Kinda like when Matt Dillon said, "I work with retards", in Something About Mary.