Thursday, August 28, 2008

LA Getting a Team in 2009?

The San Gabriel Valley Tribune is reporting that an NFL team will be playing in Los Angeles by next season.

Developer Ed Roski Jr.'s business partner says he has "no doubt" a National Football League team will play in Los Angeles in 2009, most likely at the Rose Bowl.

Majestic Realty Vice President John Semcken also said he believes there is a possibility two NFL teams could wind up playing in the $800 million stadium Roski wants to build in Industry.

"We are going to have a team here next September," Semcken said Tuesday afternoon.

There is even speculation that two NFL teams could eventually play in Ed Roski's dream stadium. But the billionaire will only own one of the teams. (Duh.) Now the only question is trying to figure out who will be the teams.

Let's be honest. The Raiders will eventually play in that stadium. So there is no use in fooling ourselves. But who will be the other team? (The team that we all will be pulling for.)

Cross the Vikings off the list. They have no interest.

My best guess is this (and this likely bleeds into the St. Louis FC SBBK), but the Frontandrearie Kids are going to use this season as a tribute to the murdering showgirl. And once they've done their moments of silence and bilked as much money from St. Louis as possible, those kids will likely sell the team to Roski, who will move the team back to Los Angeles and rename them "The Rams."


R.J. said...

San-dee-egg-o Su-per-char-gers.

THN said...

That would be my second thought.

flohtingPoint said...

Dont you get monthly stories like this? I remember growing up in Phoenix, we'd see "Cardinals to move to LA" in the paper all the time.

Diane said...

The chances of me reverting back to being a Rams fan are zero and none.

Bain said...

Crazier things have happened, Diane.

Someday soon, this woman could have her finger on the nuclear button.

buckyor said...

Hey! That woman is a VPILF!

Diane said...

Just a 72 year old heart's missed beat away.

It could be a good day for women if it wasn't that McCain thinks one person with ovaries is the same as the next.