Friday, July 18, 2008

The Weak Ender

Stacy Keibler needs your help. The former WWF Diva is selling all of her clothes on eBay. Listen, sweetheart, if times are that tough for you, don't go selling all of your clothes. Take them off for Playboy instead.

This is what happens when these broads live the WWF. They believe they are on the verge of stardom. Instead they are one the Surreal Life and Celebrity Rehab.

Just kidding. Keibler is doing fine. Still won't do nude scenes but otherwise fine.

HT: Ring Posts

  • All of the big names are rocking the British Open. Greg Norman. Rocco Mediate. Tom Watson. Yes, Tom Freaking Watson. This is probably the best thing that could happen in a tournament without Tiger Woods. But don't get too far ahead. Watson is certainly a "feel-good" story right now, but that a course can easily kick out an 84, and the run is over.

  • Congratulations to Yankees pitcher Sidney Ponson. With the signing of Richie Sexson, you are no longer the biggest washout on the club. Maybe Sexson can get some of those drugs that Jason Giambi is using in order to fool the drug test. Maybe it comes in bottle form.

Eli Messiah being seems to be growing out of his britches. The youngest of the Manning clan has even been getting lines in commercials. That's right, they are finally letting Eli speak.

But just when you think that Eli has made a move up to the big boy's table, you see photos such as this from his wedding reception.

Same dorky white boy. And at least America's Soccer Mom is keeping him self useful.

And hey, do you want to see more photos from the reception? Go here.


Diane said...

At least they picked a classy sports bar for the reception.

Bain said...

Listen to me. It would be easy to tee off here with something like, say, Romo took the pond to dinner at Olive Garden afterward. But come on. Anyone who's been around, who knows my track reco... uh, what?

Oops. Wrong post.

Fletch said...

The Yanks are doing an awesome job of re-building the rosters from the 2002 All-Star game. C'mon - sign Bonds!