Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Weak Ender

Cowgirl has done it now. The Queen of the Weak Ender had to go an insult Erin Andrews. And if you follow The Big Picture, you would know that you never disrespect Erin Andrews or you will never hear the end of it.

Like, ever.

Cowgirl was on some Florida radio station when she made this brilliant statement (courtesy every site on the net):

"She's very talented. But it's so funny because if you look at her old tapes back when she worked at the Lightning, it was the most dreadful stuff you've ever seen in your life. People compare me and say, well, she's no Erin Andrews ... and I'm like, well, who's No. 1 on the computer. Suck it."

See, you just don't do that. The blogging world (outside of this site) just won't stand it. They all cry and complain, talking about how Andrews is a "real journalist." And Steve Lavin agrees.

What upsets me, however, is that Cowgirl has already backtracked and has half-heartedly apologized.

Why? Nobody likes you anyway, Cowgirl. The internets could use a good heel and feud that could only be ended in a "gravy match" on Monday Night RAW. Don't back down. Forget all of those bloggers backing Andrews because they feel like they have a shot. Pile it on.

  • Boy, any other week Paula Creamer and the Weak Ender would have been all you.

  • Wayne Weaver denied a report that the Jacksonville Jaguars are up for sale. The thinking being that a new owner would buy the Jags to move them to Los Angeles. No such dice. Besides, most fans would probably prefer some owner purchasing the St. Louis FC and moving the team to Southern California. Or maybe, if somebody bought the Jags, gave them to St. Louis and then moved the St. Louis FC franchise to Los Angeles. And to that scenario ... keep dreaming.

  • If anybody can give a logical explanation as to what the hell went on during the Angels 11-10 victory over Texas on Thursday night, that would be wonderful. The Angels blew a six run lead. Had three walks and a single in the ninth, but did not score. K-Rod dropped a bunt attempt that was popped up, and then threw the ball into center field. And they still won. Crazy. Oh, and if anybody wants to get out Michael Young just once in my lifetime, that would be super.

  • Jason Giambi and his mustache are not going to the All-Star game. Life makes sense again. See what would have happened Barry if you had just said you were sorry. For something. You didn't have to say what you did, just say you were sorry. Oh, and a mustache wouldn't hurt, either.
  • Late addition: Warren Sapp is an a-hole.

People seem bent out of shape that Elton Brand went back on his hand-shake agreement with the Clippers. Shocked might actually be a better word. But what people are forgetting are two things.

1. Brand went to Duke. And you can't trust anybody who went to Duke.

2. This was the Clippers. Do you really think that the organization was going to do anything right. The Clippers are like the NBA version of Al Bundy. If something good happens to them, then something is going to go horribly wrong. So when Baron Davis signed with the Clippers, the only logical conclusion was that Brand was going to leave the team.

The biggest shocker was that people were surprised.


Kyle said...

Cowgirl has a face like a Keebler elf, albeit one attached to a fantastic body. E.A. has a hot face to go with her massive cans, and unlike Cowgirl there's hope for E.A.'s being real. Advantage E.A.

Anonymous said...

Erin is a solid 5'10".
Cowgirl is 5'3". Did she even graduate?

Nuff sed.

Mr. Goodell said...

I'm not going on tour in Afghanistan for my fucking health. Give me my fucking propers already for being the fucking sweetest commissioner ever.

Kiss the ring, mother fuckers.

Diane said...

Cowgirl needs to re-think the curls.

Anonymous said...

Was she under a "hot mic"?

buckyor said...

Curls? Didn't even notice 'em.

R.J. Lebeau said...

Meh, Krista Voda is more my style. Probably because I don't watch college football. I've been known to turn the channel to SPEED and hide the remote for the weekend.

Who the hell's Cowgirl?

Kyle said...

Who is Cowgirl, you ask? Why, Cowgirl is a "sportswriter" who lacks writing talent and journalistic credentials yet somehow has a gig writing for a major sports website. In other words, she's Bill Simmons if Bill Simmons was a smokin' hot sorostitute.

R.J. Lebeau said...


Kind of like Maureen Dowd over at the New York Times? I get it.

Ira said...

As long as there is a hole somewhere, I don't care.

buckyor said...

Maureen Dowd is Jenn Sterger 30 years from now, only without Sterger's readily apparant female talents.

Anonymous said...

Maureen Dowd started out as a sportswriter at the Washington Star. And she looks pretty good for someone who's 55. Sterger will have her 15 minutes. Every dog has her day.

NFL Adam said...

Nice call, Bricks.

Karen Jungblut said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
peteski said...

Jenn, "what was going thru your mind" when you made those comments?

NFL Adam said...

What did I miss?