Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Weak Ender

Maybe it's time to get into women's softball. The DC Buzz are a professional fast-pitch softball team featuring former ASU infielder Bianca Cruz (pictured) and former Arizona star Taryne Mowatt. Wow, they didn't go butch like the WNBA? The lesbians will hate them.

See more photos here, here and here.

Seattle loses its basketball team, but still gets to keep the Sonics name and records. That is a small consolation, but it’s better than watching your team move, keep its damn name, win the NBA title only to have the owner take the microphone and say, “Leaving that (expletive) hole Seattle was the best thing I’ve ever done since drowning my husband.”

That owner is a piece of garbage and you would be better off without him. But the NBA is crooked. The league is fortunate that Comcast is cool with them, or they would be open to an investigation. This league, it’s almost criminal and really, they have less credibility than the Arena League right now. I’d rather watch the DC Buzz than watch a regular season NBA game.

Brett Favre maybe be coming back to the NFL, but you get the feeling that the Packers aren’t too excited to have him back. And you can kind of see their point. The Packers got about as far as they will ever get with Favre last season. The team finally wants to see what they have in Aaron Rodgers as it moves towards the future.

Favre should then follow in the footsteps of other NFL greats who had some off-color curtain calls. Think Joe Namath with the Rams, Johnny Unitas with the Chargers and Joe Montana with the Chiefs. But the only one that really stands out is Montana and the Chiefs as he nearly led them to the Super Bowl. Favre would be a nice option for Raven, the Chiefs and the Giants who all could use an upgrade at quarterback.

And really, this Favre story is going to haunt us all summer, so he might has well just comeback and get it over with.

  • Daly sighting: On the road to nowhere with significance in his rearview mirror, John Daly made a pit stop last week. He made history by setting golf back 100 years in a Buick Open pro-am. With partner Kid Rock dressed in bib overalls and a white T-shirt, Daly wowed the crowd by hitting his ball off a full 24-ounce can of beer. The crowd chanted his name as Daly, the Kid Rock of golf, blasted his Bud ball about 300 yards. Rock, the John Daly of music, used a beer can to bank in a birdie putt. It's a wonder a tornado didn't touch down.

The greatest sporting event in the world happens on the Fourth of July – Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating contest. This is a place where America can show the rest of the world that we are so freaking sweet, that we eat hot dogs for sport! Hopefully those millions of kids who go to bed hungry each night will be able to gather around the television on July 4 (which is no long just an American holiday) to see this event. Enjoy your wheat bags, Ethiopia.

But here’s a question, are these competitors athletes?

Actually, Dave Smith of AM 830 out of Anaheim made a pretty good point about the athletes that compete in this event. Last year’s winner at 63 hot dogs (beating the Japanese guy). Are you closer to being, say, a professional golfer, baseball player, etc., or being able to eat 63 hot dogs in 12 minutes? No amount of training can prepare you for that.


Anonymous said...

Where is Oklahoma City?

Diane said...

I'm gonna go out on a limb and suggest that I'm the only who notices that Bianca has freakishly short legs.

NFL Adam said...

Maybe it's the camera angle. Here's another photo of her.

NFL Adam said...

WCT said...

thank you. Now if you would only link to Epic Carnival...

R.J. said...

Oklahoma City? I'm going to guess that in one season their CHL hockey team will outdraw them.

Stocky said...

I'd rather watch paint dry than watch an NBA game, regular or post season.

Bianca is rather hawt.

Chris Benoit said...

Enjoy your wheat bags, Ethiopia.

That's terrible. Enjoy your wheat bags, Ethiopia? You are one sick motherfucker.

Fletch said...

Ya think it's coincidence or intentional that their team name is the "Buzz?" They sure got their wish...