Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A UFC Event You Actually Want to See

The UFC is making a bid for the big time. Star (supposedly) Rampage Jackson went on a, well, rampage in Newport Beach being arrested on charges of felony evading, reckless driving and hit-and-run.

That's a nice start, fellas. But until one of your Hall of Famers kills his ex-wife and "friends" or a former champion is involved in a murder suicide, you will still be considered to be a minor sport. If you believe the "Tap Out" gear of that MMA-head in your office, "Go big or go home."

But there are a couple of questions here.

Jackson was supposedly involved in a police chase. Where was the coverage of that? Anytime a crack head goes on the run in Beaumont, the news choppers are all over it. But this they miss? Just awful. And for as much as they have been pushing the UFC (and other organizations down our throat) this is inexcusable.

And second, what the hell is up with the mural on the side of this guy's truck? Are you freaking kidding? Although, he did take that whole "Chris Henry wears his own jersey to commit crimes" thing to a whole new level.

For the final word on this subject, we turn to The Hatriot who sent along this email.

Clearly, some of the younger stars of MMA lack the emotional maturity to handle the pressures of the human cockfighting circuit. Regulations like those in place in the NBA or NFL might help these young glass-jawed bar-fighters ERRRR athletes make the transition into the spotlight. Therefore, I am proposing that all MMA participants be required to complete at least two years of coursework at the Junior High School level before being allowed to turn pro. Remedial Ed classes or Juvenille Hall tutoring sessions could be counted toward this requirement. Not only would this requirement aid in the development of future human cock-fighters, but it would also guarantee that the amateur parking lot circuit still has the talent level needed to maintain interest.

You know, he's got a point.

More photos.


Diane said...

I missed you Monday at the big fire at HH. Six - count 'em - six fire trucks, a paramedic truck and the battalion chief.

All they were missing was smoke and flames.

Hey - who's the UFC guy who used to drink at the bar of the Surf?

NFL Adam said...

Harpoon Harry's? Harbor House? I didn't hear about it. The last I heard, a plane almost landed in your house.

You are thinking of Tank Abbott. Those were some scary days.