Monday, July 07, 2008

This Is Why Youkilis is an All-Star

If Keith Youkilis played for any other baseball team, he'd just be a decent ball player with a personality problem. But with the Red Sox and their idiotic fans, he becomes an all-star. Mainly because Boston fans have an unhealthy view of the sports world.

Just how unstable are the Red Sox fans?

They attacked a young father because he was driving a car with New York plates. He wasn't flying a Yankees flag. Didn't have a Yankees bumper sticker. Nor was he wearing any Yankees gear. But that didn't stop Red Sox fan from attacking him with an aluminum bat.
William Nestor, a commercial diver from Northport, LI, was returning with his family from a Fourth of July fireworks display in Falmouth, Mass., when he was attacked - allegedly because he had New York plates.

"The guy hit me with an aluminum bat," Nestor told The Post after returning home late last night. "I never saw it coming."

Nestor, who was stuck in heavy traffic after leaving the fireworks show at 10 p.m., said he noticed a group of hooligans harassing people in several cars.

But they seemed to be targeting cars with New York plates and cursing at them.

"They were yelling, 'Yankees! Yankees!' and 'F - - - New York' " Nestor, 29, said. "When they saw the plates, they came at me.

"I didn't even know the Yankees and Red Sox were playing" this weekend, added Nestor, who's not a particularly big baseball fan.

Did it ever register with these morons that maybe some New Yorkers were Mets fans? Even so, Red Sox fans, and Massholes in general, are really starting to give Raiders fans a run for their money at the bottom of Darwin's food chain. This is the second major incident between Yankees and Red Sox fans. Recently, a Yankees fan received damage to her car when some a-hole Sox fan flung his body into it like an idiot.

Seriously, if having Casey Kotchman miss the All-Star game means that Angels fans aren't attacking people with aluminum bats, then so bet it.


The Rock said...


R.J. Lebeau said...

Where are these people when the Boston Bruins play. Oh, they have to win something first?

Tommy Tuck Rule said...

Take it from a kid that grew up in a beach town full of visiting massholes, there is nothing more obnoxious than a masshole after a fireworks display. This Yankee fan bashing and shit, never happened before 2004, so the majority of the people doing it probably were not Red Sox fans until then. Idiots.

Yiddish Steel said...

C'mon, Adam. Just because So-Cal and Lo-Cal fans are so "laid back and weak". Mass-holes are just "passionate" about their teams. I saw thousands of Mass-holes at Petco Park last year acting just like these tools from Foulmouth. There was one time that some carpet-bagging shit heel from Boston was at a sports bar and talked his way into a fight with a local and probably ended up with 12-15 stitches above his eye after being knocked cold. I couldn't help myself and I just had to walk by as the little douche bag was trying to pick himself up off the ground and say to him "YEAH! Now go back to Massachusetts; you don't belong here you carpet-bagging asshole!" If it were anyone else that ran away from the East Coast to come contribute to the deterioration to my community's quality of life, I might have offered them an ice pack. FUKK YOU, BOSTON!

Ivan Doroschuk said...

Later on, that same guy received another 12-15 stitches from me after he came to our show and asked us to play "Safety Dance"!

BostonOwnsYou said...

I love the constant boston bashing. I also love watching my teams beat every single team from Cali in Every sport all the time. It never gets old. I cant wait till the Sox sweep the Angels again this year, Patriots end the Chargers season again, and hey maybe See the Celtics sweep the Lakers next year like they shouldve. Yooooooooouk deserves the nod at first you bone head. As for that event in Falmouth that was truly a disgrace, but it doesnt speak for all of us!

NFL Adam said...

Yeah, I made that post about two weeks ago. The Boston owning, that is. But the question is, where is your golfer to knock off Tiger Woods?

Bain said...

I just hate Boston for lifting their name from one of the great rock bands.

Kyle said...

Boston owns So Cal...I'll be sure to remember that this afternoon, when after work I'm hanging out at the beach enjoying 75-degree weather. But hey, BAWSTON has Matt Damon so at least you got that going for you.

Wait, what's that? He and Marky Mark and every other notable Bostonian now lives in So Cal? Nevermind then.