Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Post Mortem

Wow, what a crazy weekend that turned out to be, right? The Yankees (and or Red Sox) are a bunch of douche bags. Keith Youkilis must be the most hated man in Major League baseball. How conflicted is he, having the look of a motorcycle gangster?

Clerks II is an awesome movie. Is there any doubt that Dante was going to end up with Rosario Dawson? She was way hotter than that other chick.

And then there's Eli Messiah. What a jerk.

Brett Favre probably did something. Ditto Terrell Owens.

Alright, you see through this already. The Hater Nation is still out in Las Vegas. And this might last for a while. Don't worry, those Super Bowl Buzz Kills were published in advance.


R.J. said...

Enjoy your trip, and please don't spray Cristal champagne on the club patrons or Thunderbird on the drunks loitering in front of The Western.

Fletch said...

Clerks II pretty much sucked, Dawson's participation notwithstanding.

lefthanded said...

How many 7's did you throw on the table?