Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Post Mortem

Brett Favre dominated headlines this weekend, as he and the Packers seemed to escalate their war of words. Favre, along with his agent Bus Cook, sent a letter to the Packers asking for a release. The Packers have said they will not cut Favre, but could probably find a role for him. In other words, he can come back up Aaron Rodgers. And everybody else said they were annoyed by the whole thing.

Really? Because most of the readers here hate baseball and love to talk about football. That is why Favre is a big story and the Major League All-Star game is not. Don't pretend you are annoyed by the whole Favre saga because this is just the kind of thing you are looking for to take you through the summer. You want that Favre drama. You need that Favre drama. is doing crazy numbers for the dead part of summer, and they are not coming to the site to learn how to play fantasy football. People are coming in to read about the latest Favre drama. Don't act like you aren't enjoying it.

The Packers have said that they will welcome Favre back, but that can't work. Rodgers deserves better than that, especially if they are intent on starting him. This is where you can't fault Favre. He understands that Rodgers is the man, and he's yielding to him. That's why Favre asked for his release. Also understand where the Packers are coming from. They can't just release him and let him go to a division rival such as Chicago or Minnesota.

The Packers either need to have a gentleman's agreement where, if they release Favre, he won't sign for an NFC North team. That would leave Favre with a chance to sign with one of the other 28 teams. Or maybe they can work out a deal to send Favre to Kansas City to conjure up images of Joe Montana leading the Chiefs to the playoffs. Heck, Al Davis is insane enough to offer up some draft picks to have Favre end his career with the Raiders. Tampa Bay also has been offered as another possibility.

But when you get down to it, Favre will likely see how much of a distraction that he is causing for the team. He'll see what he is doing to Rodgers and the gut call right now is that he ends up staying retired.

Then, you can be annoyed that he put all of us through this nonsense.

  • When does Jake Plummer get into the mix and come out of retirement?

  • Jose Canseco was quickly knocked out in his boxing match against Via Sikahema -- a former Golden Gloves champion. Could Canseco have started his boxing career against Screech or something? Why go after a guy who can legit box? Guess this means Canseco won't be fighting a kangaroo or anything after all. Damn.

  • Did anybody happen to catch Charles Barkley's "golf swing" during that celebrity tournament in Lake Tahoe? Wow, was this guy seriously an athlete.

  • Travis Henry tested positive for marijuana. Again. They say the side effects for smoking weed are munchies, laughing at Con Air and not remembering to put on a condom.

The Angels come to the All-Star break with a six game lead over the A's, though the Rangers figure to be the biggest competition down the stretch. They made it sound on Sunday's broadcast that Maicer Izturis could be made available for a deal. But instead of harping for a deal that won't happen, maybe the team should consider pushing Gary Matthews Jr. to the bench in favor of Juan Rivera. Sure, Sarge Jr. is pulling down a lot of money, but that was just a bad signing. Leave him on the bench to pinch run, and maybe pull some late-inning defensive duty. Because that guy has no business starting anymore.

BTW, anybody else bummed the Rays lost their huge lead to the Sox with a seven-game losing streak to limp into the break?


R.J. Lebeau said...

Oh, you mean there's an All-Star game this week? I was too busy counting down the days until Tony Stewart wins the Brickyard 400.

Do I want to see Favre with the Raiders? Well, I'm willing to bet that consecutive games streak would end by Week 6 with our offensive line's pass protection.

DAWUSS said...

Send Favre back to Atlanta.

And BTW, how come John Madden still hasn't weighed in on the Brett Favre case?

My word verification is "hotbox", which, I think is the only time we've had a word verification here on THN that's not complete jibberish.

Fletch said...

Media coverage for the Raytion was getting out of hand. Back to the cellar, doormats.

(Note: I couldn't care less about the Rays winning or losing, I just wanted to use the term "Raytion.")

Jake Plummer said...

Lebeau, a jap car will never win the Brickyard.

And I am ready to play for the Packers, Vikings, Bears, or any of the teams Favre is supposed to be going to play for, but not the Bucs. They suck.