Sunday, July 06, 2008

The Post Mortem

Complaining about the All-Star game voting is about pointless as telling A-Rod not to go over to Madonna's house late at night. But, if you will allow the indulgence, here are a few peeves about the All-Star game.

For starters, there are too many Rays and Angels on the roster. Sure, the are a combine 11 games in first place, but five players? Thankfully only one of them is a position player. And again, thanks for it being the well-known Dioner Navarro. Still, this is shameless.

Where are all of the Texas Rangers? The third-place Rangers have won 46 games this year. That's like 80 for a regular team. The Rangers deserve more than the four guys they have on the all-star roster.

Not enough closers. How many closers are on the roster? Six? That's not enough. What they should do is have nine closers, one for each inning. That would be awesome.

Now, you would like to dump on Terry Francona here. But all of the undeserving Sox on the roster (which would be most of them) were elected by the fans and players. Meaning, the players are just as dumb as the fans. But let's not be so quick to give Francona a pass here. If Mike Lowell gets in over Even Longoria, then something is horribly wrong.

Still, since this game is for home-field advantage, it would be nice to give the first place teams a chance to play in this game seeing that it will most likely impact them. Seriously, how comfortable will the Rays, Angels or White Sox feel if Jason Varitek comes up in a key spot? Do you want home-field advantage riding on his Manny Mendoza-like average? The Sox are on the team, there is no need to play them.


DAWUSS said...

Baseball sucks. Bring on the Super Bowl Buzz Kill, starting with the St. Louis Rams and followed with the Indianapolis Colts

Diane said...

Will Madge suck all the life out or A-Rod like she did with D-Rod?

NFL Adam said...

That starts on July 21, Carlos.