Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hornung's Advice to the NFL

Paul Hornung has a message to all of the young football players out there: Drink more beer and bang more broads. Hey, how come this guy wasn't invited to the rookie symposium? He would have been awesome. But the old coot was on Sporting News Radio recently and had this to say about the current state of NFL players. Hornung was talking about the late, great Max McGee when he unleashed this gem.

Via Larry Brown Sports

Monty: "You guys had a great life, but I don’t think you could live that lifestyle today."

Hornung: "Oh hell you could. You’re in such good shape, are you crazy? When you're 24-years-old, you weigh 215 pounds, you can work out every day of your life, you could make love to five girls a week and play 44 games of football. Hell."

He's a regular Gunny Highway. Or maybe he's more like The Bish.

The real question here is how he feels about today's internet gaming.


Mr. Goodell said...

What a bad example. Unlike me, the greatest commissioner in the world.

Bud Grant said...

I still drink and bang broads like I was 24.

Hey Hornung, if you play "Stairway To Heaven" backwards, you'll hear me nailing your wife.