Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Good Thinking, Packers

The Packers want to "move on" according to published reports. They do not want Brett Favre to come out of retirement.

That's good ... that's good thinking. The Broncos were probably thinking the same thing when John Elway walked away. The team was probably excited to finally see what they had in their "quarterback of the future."

And how did that work out for them?

Aaron Rodgers might some day be a good quartetrback. Hell, he looked great against the Cowboys when he came in following Favre's arm injury. But Rodgers got hurt himself. Rodgers hasn't been able to stay healthy for an entire year. The team even went out and drafted Brian Brohm. So why would you be saying no to Favre again?

Sure, the retirement talk has become tiresome. The interceptions, too. But the guy almost had the Packers in the Super Bowl and you want to "move on" to a 7-9 season? Because that is what is going to happen if you start Rodgers this season.

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Fletch said...

Don't suck on Favre's popsicle too much. Before last year, he and the Packers weren't exactly lighting up the league. One year and it's all forgiven?

I say move on. But yeah, I might just be sick of the story...