Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Good One, Baron

Esteemed point guard Baron Davis has longed to play in Los Angeles and now his motivation has become perfectly clear. He wants to be a comedian. Or at least his agent does, if you believe his quote in the Los Angeles Times.

"From a basketball standpoint it's always been about winning for Baron," agent Todd Ramasar said.

He realizes that he agreed to terms with the Clippers, right?

Davis opted out of a contract that would have paid him close to $18 million next year (which would have ranked 12th highest in the league).

To play for the Clippers.

Maybe Davis is illiterate. Or color blind. Or maybe both.

Now the optimists, like the fresh-off-the-boat coworkers who haven’t lived up close with the Clippers, believe that this could be a very good Clippers team. Dopes.

They will have Baron, Elton Brand and Chris Kaman will be a great team. That this is the team that will deliver the Clippers to the promised land.

We have seen this before.

The Clippers have been on the verge before and each season ends like the previous – out of the playoffs. And here Baron Davis is giving up a lot of money to join that legacy of misguided souls that include Danny Manning, Dominique Wilkins, Tom Chambers, Ron Harper, Mark Jackson, Marques Johnson, Norm Nixon, Ken Norman, Glen Rice, Doc Rivers, and Bill Walton.

Welcome to the club, Baron.


Anonymous said...

He gave up $18m? Well, he signed for $65m over 5 years which is about what he's got left on his bones. My guess is that he just wanted to live in LA. Can you blame him?

NFL Adam said...

The original report had him at $50 for five years. That deal makes a little bit more sense. But do the Lakers need a point guard? He's going to the Clippers.

Anonymous said...

Hollywood Baron is just another Davis ditching Oakland for bright lights of LA. And it's the NBA which is only slightly more legitimate than the WWE, so who cares?

Kyle said...

Don't forget World B. Free.

Anonymous said...

It all comes out in the wash.

Davis grew up in LA, he went to UCLA, he's getting into production in LA, the Warriors wouldn't offer him a long term contract extension, he wanted to finish his career in LA, and the Clippers offered him a ton of cash.

Frankly, this is one of the smartest career moves I've seen an NBA player make. Ever. He'll be a fan favorite for the perennially underachieving Clippers until he retires.

The downside is that he goes from a player's coach in Don Nelson to a Dunleavy's coach in Dunleavy; so there will be a little rain in paradise.