Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Good Choice

Cowboys rookie running back Tashard Choice (pictured) had some fun doing some role playing at the NFL rookie symposium. As you can see in the video here (it's worth checking out), Choice is ready to deal with those dreaded hangers on who come begging for tickets. Well, at least he can when it's somebody pretending to be his boy.

But what is he going to do when it's his own teammates hitting him up for tickets?

Former Cowboys defensive tackle Chad Henning had his Super Bowl tickets stolen from him prior to Super Bowl 27. And this was a guy who served in Desert Storm. Former Cowboys tight end Eric Bjornson actually turned down tickets to Super Bowl 30 before the veterans admonished him for doing so because they can make a lot of money selling them. (Yes, that's how the brokers get them. The curtain is pulled back.)

Vikings defensive end Jared Allen made a good point in this video. Great players like Allen and Adam Jones will get a second chance when they mess up. Chris Henry and Willie Andrews won't.

But come on, give Andrews a break. Some chicks feel that having a gun pointed at them is merely foreplay. The point is, though, Allen and Jones would be unemployed if they were of just average talent.

Will this symposium reach everybody in attendance? Probably not. But hopefully a few of these knuckleheads will get the message. But this smacks of the same kind of insincere message as those anti-hazing symposiums most fraternities go through every spring.


DAWUSS said...

What's Choice going to do when Lil' Dieter hits him up for tickets?

My word verification is "qxajq", which is what the bums panhandling for tickets outside of the RCA Dome would say when you turned down their request for some playoff tickets.

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No one in this country is working tomorrow, would it kill you to do a "week ender" post today?? I need my T&A...

NFL Adam said...

I'm on top of it.