Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Eli Messiah ... Indispensable?

First, some watch company made those idiotic commercials where they labeled Eli Messiah as "unstoppable," but ESPN has taken it one further. Some clown has listed Eli as one of the 10 most indispensable players in the NFL, joining the likes of Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Adrian Peterson, etc. (Read on.)

And he was serious.

Seriously, how hard is it to just heave the ball in the air to Plaxico Burress, allowing him to make a play for the ball. Did this guy not watch the Super Bowl? What exactly did Eli do that nobody else in the NFL could have done?

Do you think that Jay Cutler could have run around and threw a ball to have David Tyree make a one handed catch? Is there an Arena Football League quarterback who couldn’t have thrown the ball to Burress when he corkscrewed a Patriots defensive back in the ground?

In fact, you could argue that the Giants might have been further along if they had another quarterback other than Eli Messiah. Hell, they might have won a couple of Super Bowls had they kept and protected Kurt Warner.

But hey, this moron roped me in like some marlin because I took the bait on this lame story.


Donal said...

OK, now you're just saying crazy shit to stir up trouble.

What did Manning do that no other quarterback could? I'll give you a hint: 18-1.

I'll admit, I wasn't happy with what the Giants gave up to get him, but you can't knock his performance. On Tyree's monster catch, Manning broke the entire Patriot d-line on a 3rd and a mile and made a damn good pass.

Jay Cutler? Seriously? That makes me believe one of two things.

1) You don't actually watch the NFL. You just pick out names and yelling points from the local sports talk radio hacks.

2) You are trying to imitate said hacks in an effort to stir up an argument.

The Hatriot said...

Uh Donal, I don't know if you saw the game, but the Jints D-line was the MVP. It'd be easy to make the comparison to the 80s teams (sub'ing the line for the 'backers), but that wouldn't be fair to Simms or even Hoss. They were both far more consistent than Corky, who ran around like his collection of Stars Wars figures was on fire more times than he came up with big conversions. 18-1 was all about the disrupting the timing of the Patsies offense. Spare us all the fake pedantry.

DAWUSS said...

Peyton Manning

You're slipping

Bokolis said...

Believing anything spouting from the worldwide leader is like basing your investments on what you see and hear on CNBC.

I'll say this: Not just anybody could have done what Eli did in the same way that not everyone can drive a bus. Eli's task was not all that different. He got it done, but he didn't exactly look like Montana, Elway, Staubach or even Stabler on that last drive.

But the D-line was not only the MVP of the Bowl, they saved the season. The turning point was Week 3 vs the 'skins, right before half time. At that point, I'm not sure they had so much as forced a punt. But, after Eli threw a pick to set up the 'skins in FG range, the defense finally stiffened and held the 'skins to a FG. I raised a figurative People's Eyebrow (I can't do it).

Bradshaw was considered at least as dumb as Eli and didn't exactly shine in his first Bowl (or second). By the time he finished up, however, nobody thought of him that way...then he went on FOX. A fella can hope, right?

THN said...

That was well constructed Bokolis. And makes a lot more sense than our good friend, Donal.

But I'll take it a step further. Have you seen those new DirecTV ads with Jimmy Kimmel? Where he talks about the Giants season being on the line. There's Eli scrambling, lobbing the ball up to -- you guessed it -- Plaxico Burress who grabs the ball, makes a strong move and runs into the end zone.

Or remember that comeback at Philly a few years ago? A couple of lobs to Burress, comeback, game over.

The more apt comparison is to Trent Dilfer. He did his job and got out of the way.

Gaylord said...

Messiah rules, 3 straight years in the playoffs, Plexi is good but Eli got it done before him also, hopefully they finally stop snubbing him from the Pro Bowl now that the bandwagon hoppers are all Giant fans...