Tuesday, June 17, 2008

You Can't Blame Javon

He was never going to get a chance to do this while playing for the Raiders. Of course, teammate Darrent Williams was shot and killed last year when Brandon Marshall and other players had sprayed champagne in a Denver nightclub last year. Walker obviously learned his lesson.

Thankfully, NFL players -- and athletes in general -- will continue to act like entitled a-holes in public. In fact, if Paul Pierce survives this offseason -- hell, this month -- without getting stabbed (again) or worse, that could be the biggest upset of the year.


Robbie said...

You know players are making way too much money nowadays when they can afford to get into this kind of trouble. I can't imagine spraying a crowd with fifteen bottle of anything on my budget unless it were Martinelli's sparkling cider.

I still think he should have stayed away from Koval Lane. It's not a nice part of town even after sunset.

NFL Adam said...

I would imagine that he was "escorted" out by some dudes who left him for dead. I wonder where he was staying. Maybe the Platinum Suites?

Old Skool Raider Fan said...

Javone almost died you fucking asshole. Nice humility you frucking bitch.

Javone will have a chance to spray champagne when the RAIDERS win the AFC WEST BITCHESS!!!!!!!

TJ Rubley said...

Shortly after that photo was taken, I threw a football beer to Javon... and he dropped it!