Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Why Is Al Qaeda Beefing With the Raiders?

An arrest has been made in the Javon Walker beating, and it's this guy, Arfat Fadel? Seriously, why is Al Qaeda upset with the Raiders. You would figure that Al Qaeda would be huge Raiders fans for all of the terror that Raider Nation causes in football stadiums across America. And if they are feuding, then who do we all root for?

The police do say that Walker went willingly with Fadel. Really? What, was Javon making some late-night deal for oil or something? Was he going to trade his gold necklace for a couple of barrels of crude? Or is Walker going to fly a plane into some building? Maybe Walker was going to suicide bomb the Raiders huddle or something.

Seriously, this is a surprise. I originally thought it was going to be a bunch of Italians looking to settle a score like in the movie, Go.


R.J. said...

It's called muscling out the competition. Plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

fuck walker and the raiders. period. the bigger question is why is there nothing on here about the fat cactus losin his badge for his bullshit "freestyle rap" about kobe?? come on, thats bigger than some crack head reciever that got his ass handed to him for getting into a car with strangers. what the hell javon, didnt you mama ever tell you not tot talk to strangers? stupid idiot.

Jemele Hill said...

You should say you are sorry.

Fletch said...

Just 'cause some rapper's got a white friend doesn't mean you don't search him!