Friday, June 20, 2008

The Weak Ender

Miss Gamma Garrett (right) has been selected as the face of the UK Grand Prix. But why would the UK Grand Prix need a new face? Well, Danica Patrick is going to be racing in Europe next year. So the move kind of makes sense.

Actually, not really. Do they really think that some added women are going to make people pay attention to their sport? Hardly. Ask yourself this question, has THN ever mentioned the UK Grand Prix prior to putting this hot young lady in a position of power?

Uh, no.

Wow, well done guys.

Props to your normal smut peddlers Sports by Brooks and With Leather for finding this gem.

  • How did the Angels let David Wright get out of town? That guy should be a member of the Angels. They should give up anybody on the every-day roster not named Kendrick or Figgins to get the guy. Wright would be a perfect addition. Maybe they can give them Maicer Izturis and Brandon Wood. That would work, right? Alright, maybe they need to be a little bit more creative. Not panicking on this year yet, but you can still see stretches when hitting is going to be a problem.

  • Big news out of Green Bay, Aaron Rodgers has cut his hair. Not a bad move. You don't want to go through a season having people think you are David Carr. Let your playing make people think that, not your hair. Actually, Rodgers has a chance to be really goood. Remember when Brett Favre was blowing against the Cowboys last season? Rodgers was the guy who brought the team back. The only question is if he can stay healthy.

  • Biggest Winners of the Week: Southern California sports fans. The biggest sports story of the week was Tiger Woods triumph through adversity and injury to capture the U.S. Open. What a champion. Sadly, Woods will miss the rest of the golf season, which came to great delight to the rest of the PGA tour.

  • Biggest Losers of the Week: Boston sports fans. The Cellbitch fans rioted after winning the NBA title. Lord knows what would have happened if they would have won the MLS title last year.

More thoughts on Jemele Hill. You know, the young lady that made the lame Hitler reference. As one of the CMs pointed out, she was one of the driving forces of the Rutgers womens hoops team vs. Don Imus. So she probably deserves it. But what ever happened to a journalist actually standing up for what they write? Instead of backing down, why didn't Hill just say, "I wrote it, get over it." Or better yet, why even address it?

There was some budding columnist writing for Cal State's Daily Titan who made the following quip back in 1994 wondering why students wanted the new University Hall named after boxing great Julio Caesar Chavez. Turns out, that the students were protesting to have the building named after Caesar Chavez, the migrant farm worker. Kind of a dumb joke (but come on), but nothing to really get pissed over.

Or so you would think.

For a week, students flooded the paper with protests. The LA Times picked it up. Every columnist on the Daily Titan staff wrote a story one it. Except for one. The original columnist. He stood tall, never addressed it and moved on.

There are some people who are just itching to be offended. Why bother giving in to them? Just move on.


The Hatriot said...

He stood tall, never addressed it and moved on.

Translated: He poured himself a mango mojito and cranked up the Human League.

Robbie said...

That UK girl's cute but she's no Gemma Atkinson

Rocksteady said...

You think Boston would've rioted if New England won the MLS title last year? HA! Wouldn't register a blip.

Lakers fans would've rioted too if their team had won. Haven't you heard the Chris Rock joke--When there's injustice, black people riot but when a basketball team wins, everyone riots!

I like Lucy Pinder.

Stocky said...

Ms. Hill should have had Godwin's Law invoked.

Yiddish Steel said...

Dude. I hope you framed all that hyped-up, faux, politically correct rage. Only a douche bag would claim offense at naming any building after Julio Seize Myassets.

Bain said...

"He stood tall, never addressed it and moved on."

Translated: 1... 2... Fuck you, pricks!

Seitz said...

When I was at UCR, they renamed a community center from the Bobby Bonds Community Center to the Cesar Chavez Community Center. I think the only outrage shown was when some dude in my state government class yelled out "What's wrong with Bobby Bonds?!", at which we all laughed.

Alternate comment: I didn't think people at Cal State schools knew how to write.

The Hatriot said...

He stood tall, never addressed it and moved on.

Translated: Can I have more me in the monitors?

Diane said...

Way to Fight the Power, my brother.

NFL Adam said...

Haha, it wasn't me. Alright, it was. I won't bend. Even 15 years later.

NFL Adam said...

BTW, this Miller Chill is lovely.

Bain said...

Imagine being one of those brewmasters in Milwaukee who cut their teeth making Maibocks and Oktoberfests. One day you're called into a board room in the front offices ...

"Guys, we need a High Life that tastes like limes and salt!"

buckyor said...

Any brewmaster in Milwaukee making Oktoberfests and Maibocks ain't working for Miller. They'd be making those beers for Sprecher and Lakefront. And that remains unchanged.

Miller Chill tastes like drinking beer while chewing bubble gum. That ought to go over well with the typical Milwaukee female.

Bain said...

Any brewmaster in Milwaukee making Oktoberfests and Maibocks ain't working for Miller.

Maybe they don't make them for their employer, but a lot of those guys do know how to make them. And very well.