Monday, June 02, 2008

We Don't Need Football That Bad

Ed Roski's new stadium is obviously having the desired effect that the NFL likely wanted. More and more, cities are using the "LA Threat" in an effort to extort public money for new stadiums. The latest: San Francisco.

We did mention San Francisco as a possibility when Roski's stadium plan was first introduced. But nobody thought they would ever go through with it. And really, nobody is going to believe that they will go through with the threat.

To be truthful, though, if it comes down to having a team in LA and having that team be the 49ers, then save your (expletive) time and money. Nobody wants the 49ers down here. Not even the 50,000 bandwagon jumpers who filled Anaheim Stadium during the 1980s want the 49ers down here. (They obviously can't remember where they stored their old Joe Montana jersey.)

Though, if they wanted to say, end the 49ers franchise and start a team like Raven did in Baltimore, then that is an interesting idea, but not a good one. The 49ers organization blows and is all sorts of evil. But they have so much history that it would be a shame to seem them go. Kind of like the way most of us still wish the Soviet Union was still around. For a historical perspective.

The vote here is to stay in San Francisco and continue to suck. With Mike Martz as your offensive coordinator, that shouldn't be much of a stretch.


DAWUSS said...

Send the Giants to LA. Then the Jets can keep Giants Stadium all to themselves.

Wouldn't that be the ideal solution to this situation here?

Robster said...

Don't send the Giants. Send the Saints so the Chargers move to San Antonio next year. :)

Diane said...

Any team but the Raiders.

Fletch said...

How dare you speak ill of the Niners. For this, I will punish you by writing to Fox, NBC and ESPN, asking them to ensure that the Giants are on TV in Southern Cal every week for the next five seasons, minimum.

Mr. Goodell said...

Don't worry, we are giving you assholes a team. No fucking way.

Fletch, consider your request done. They will see all 16 Giants game this season.